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  • Lari
    Jun 10, 2013
      And after all that, I still made a mistake.

      Liz won first in D2, not Igor (sorry Igor) (but Igor still had D1).

      Sorry about that. A new file has been uploaded.

      All participants in Area 1 have been sent their individual results sheets - all individual results completely accurate. If you see another mistake between individual results and this final sheet, please email me.

      -- Larissa

      --- In CaliforniaBettas@yahoogroups.com, "Lari" <alatri@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I've triple-checked the results and these are the final ones for our June 8 show. Thanks very very VERY much to all our participants, our judges, our hard-working crew, our awesome friends from GSB, and to the folks who came out to the show and took home fish. :)
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CaliforniaBettas/files/Show%20Results/CBS_20130608finalresults.pdf
      > Special things of note for our show were:
      > - This was a true International show with several participants from Area 6. Thank you so much for our Area 6 friends for sending your fish to Area 1 for our show!
      > - We had fish in every single class! :) The audience loved seeing all the beautiful fish. The wilds were a big hit and people were amazed at them.
      > - When we were setting up on Friday, there was a wedding reception outside our room. Several people from the wedding came in to see - and many of them came back the next day for the show!
      > - Our top raffle prize that was a complete 10gal breeder tank with everything needed was won by a family of the most adorable girls. :) That's going to be a great set of future betta breeders!
      > Our Top Winners were:
      > Sieg & Judy Illig won the CBS Special "True Red Ken Petersen Memorial Award" for #308, D1-06 "A perfect True Red wine color - lovely fish".
      > Your bottle of True Red wine will be brought to you at convention. :)
      > BOS Male - Elizabeth Hahn
      > BOS Female - Karen MacAuley
      > RBOS Male - Mike Cuaresma / Sarawut Angkunanuwat
      > RBOS Female - Jimmy Nallas
      > NB BOS Male - Kayla Griffin
      > NB BOS Female - Kayla Griffin
      > NB RBOS Male - Boni Markus
      > NB RBOS Female - Kayla Griffin
      > Best of Variety
      > Halfmoon ST Male - Elizabeth Hahn
      > Halfmoon ST Female - Karen MacAuley
      > Halfmoon DT Male - Larissa Williams
      > Halfmoon DT Female - Sieg & Judy Illig
      > Crowntail Male - Joty Atmadjaja
      > Crowntail Female - Piwi Huang
      > Shortfin Male - Sieg & Judy Illig
      > Shortfin Female - Jimmy Nallas
      > Reserve Best of Variety
      > Halfmoon ST Male - Mike Cuaresma / Sarawut Angkunanuwat
      > Halfmoon ST Female - Sieg & Judy Illig
      > Halfmoon DT Male - Sieg & Judy Illig
      > Halfmoon DT Female - Sieg & Judy Illig
      > Crowntail Male - Jimmy Nallas
      > Crowntail Female - Jimmy Nallas
      > Shortfin Male - Igor Prpic
      > Shortfin Female - Igor Prpic
      > (As I was entering results at the computer, and the B1 results came through, those people near me heard a little squeal as I did a quick dance for my DT actually winning against Sieg's magnificant fellow. :) Dr. Lucas judged that class and wrote on the remarks section, "Murderous Class!! - There were many many nice individuals, very nice.")
      > Your fish are all packed up and being shipped back to you. You'll get separate notices from Christine for that. ^^
      > Auction results are being reconciled and Cash Table being entered. As soon as I have the full financials, the checks for auction results will be sent out. (Should be only 2-3 days.) (Except for Area 6 in case they prefer paypal.)
      > Ribbons and certificates will be sent out with the checks, providing I've gotten all the information entered on all of them in good time. (If not, checks will go out first.)
      > BOS, RBOS, NB-BOS, NB-RBOS are being personalized and will take about 2-3 weeks. If they are completed by convention, I'll bring them to convention with us. For those not coming to convention, they will be shipped.
      > Please let me know if you have any questions about the show.
      > Smiles,
      > -- Larissa
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