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15922Betta Show, this Saturday!

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  • Lari
    Jun 4, 2013
      Hi All,

      Just a reminder about our upcoming show THIS SATURDAY!

      Saturday, June 8

      Embassy Suites Santa Clara - Silicon Valley
      2885 Lakeside Drive
      Santa Clara, CA 95054

      8am-noon: Judging (judges and volunteers only)
      noon-2:30pm: Show room open to the public
      2:30pm-4pm: Speaker Presentation - Q&A with Dr. Gene Lucas, Father of Betta Genetics
      4pm-6pm: Auction and Raffle (including the Breeder's Cup Fish!)

      We are going to have an AMAZING Show. We were able to work with IBC Members in Indonesia, and we're getting in some really incredible fish from them as well as our United States IBC Members, making this a truly International Show. There are going to be over 200 fish at auction! Come and bring your friends. :)

      You also don't want to miss this rare opportunity to talk with Dr. Lucas. He practically invented betta genetics and the research behind them. He's one of our most revered speakers, and he'll be here at CBS to answer all your questions.

      Of Splendens, we will have Halfmoons, Crowntails, Doubletails, Plakat Show and Plakat Traditional, and Variations.

      Of Wild Bettas, we will have unimaculata, palifina, compuncta, gladiator, ocellata, bellica, krataios, rubra, uberis, burdigala, sp pudukuali, strohi, edithea, anabantoides, dimidiata, channoides, breviobesus, and possibly more.

      More details on our show page at: http://cbsbettas.org/shows.html

      Or come to the CBS Facebook and join in the discussions there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CaliforniaBettaSociety/

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      -- Larissa
      CBS Show Chair