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New product ideas => successful products?

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  • Yogesh Hublikar.
    Warm Greetings to everyone! I d few queries, which I would like to discuss with everyone. We all know that, Product Managers are CEO of their respective
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2007
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      Warm Greetings to everyone!


      I'd few queries, which I would like to discuss with everyone.


      We all know that, "Product Managers" are CEO of their respective products and are responsible for every aspect of those!


      My query is simple, assume a case where, you are a product manager, and dealing with some products targeted to enterprise customers and not the desktop users. (For example, you've a product in the enterprise infrastructure management)


      However, while doing your job, one fine day you've come across a new product idea. (UREKA!)

      For better understanding assume, it's about creating a new portal/site!


      Now, this might be some kind of product, which is targeted towards desktop users rather than an enterprise.


      In this case, the company you are working with does not deal in the area where you could tell to your company about new idea and even if you tell about your idea, your company doesn't want to divert their focus other than enterprise products/customers.


      Could some one tell me, in that case how to take this further?

      -          What are the options you've, to see your idea becomes into a reality or a successful product.

      -          Whether would you recommend to approach a Venture Capitalist for new startup company by your own (obviously, you should have confidence in your idea)

      -          If yes, what are the steps you would take to approach VC and convince?

      Since here, you don't have anything, other than your vision / idea about product.

      Yes, we may give some supportive details about Products / domain / market / segment /

      competitors and all market research/etc.….


      Can someone guide me, on what different ways you can materialize such idea?


      Thanks and Best Regards,


      -Yogesh Hublikar


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