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Pelagic Bird Photography - Gallery and Tutorial

Hi Calbirders I spent a lot of time this fall on pelagic trips, and I have put together a blogpost showcasing some of California's pelagic species. The post is
9:19 AM

Fw: Northern Shrike

Posting for Ken Archambault Ralph Baker, Riverbank ... From: G M ARCHAMBAULT To: "sharks_hockey_maniac@..."
Ralph Baker
Oct 18

10/16 Monterey Seabirds trip report-Scripps's, Guadalupe Murrelets,

All, Monterey Seabirds ended our pelagic season with an incredible tour of Monterey County yesterday. This hearty and patient bunch of birders was a great
Mark Kudrav
Oct 17

Munia mania

Birders, I'm guessing that subspecies identification of Scaly-breasted Munias is about the farthest thing from the minds of California birders, especially at
Kimball Garrett
Oct 17

Re: Pine Siskin and others moving this fall.

All, There's been a clear push of Cassin's finches and red-breasted nuthatches into the deserts in southern California recently. Some pine siskins are showing
Oct 17

Re: Pine Siskin and others moving this fall.

Here in Yolo County we definitely have Pine Siskins and RB Nuthatches about. Add to that more Purple Finches on the valley floor than I've seen in years, plus
Steve Hampton
Oct 17

Pine Siskin and others moving this fall.

Hey folks It may depend on where you live in the state, but here in the SF Bay area we are detecting a definite push of Pine Siskins this year. I looked at Oct
Alvaro Jaramillo
Oct 17

10/15 Monterey Seabirds Trip Report + our last pelagic is tomorrow.

All, Monterey Seabirds went out on a fantastic pelagic today. It was a wonderfully diverse trip. Today we stayed in Monterey County water the entire time.
Mark Kudrav
Oct 15

Stanislaus County Northern Shrike

I'm sending this out on several lists so some of this info is being repeated. This is the original post from Harold Reeve:Late in the day on Saturday, Oct. 14,
Ralph Baker
Oct 15

Leconte's and pumpkin festival

Folks I had totally forgotten that the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival is today. I have no idea if the LeConte's was found yesterday afternoon, but the best bet
Alvaro Jaramillo
Oct 14

Re: LeConte's Sparrow in Half Moon Bay

Alvaro, Nice find and photos! The CBRC has accepted 37 records of LeConte’s Sparrow, none of which have been from San Mateo County, so this is a first county
Thomas Benson
Oct 13

LeConte's Sparrow in Half Moon Bay

Hello all, I sent out some quick messages to Penbirds earlier, but thought I would get the word out to a wider audience. On the morning dog walk, I found a
Alvaro Jaramillo
Oct 13

Save the Date, Tricolored Blackbird eBird Blitz, November 17 - 20

Save the Date Tricolored Blackbird eBird Blitz November 17th - 20th Calling all birders for a November Tricolored Blackbird eBird blitz throughout California.
Arthur, Samantha
Oct 12

Mountain Plover on Carpinteria beach

A friend sent: MOPL observed on Carpinteria beach at the end of Holly Street from 9am-1pm. The posture upright regularly bobbing to perfectly upright. It was
Oct 12

Dusky Warbler, San Clemente Island, LA Co., 11 October

Birders, In this seemingly good fall for Dusky Warbler in California, I was pleased to find a very vocal and cooperative one today at Lemon Tank on San
Justyn Stahl
Oct 12
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