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Water temps

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  • Kathy and Dave Biggs
    I thought this message, from the Sonoma Wildlife Discussion Group might ... Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 14:55:20 -0800 From: Zeno Swijtink
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      I thought this message, from the Sonoma Wildlife Discussion Group might
      be of some interest as our dragonflies share these same waterways:
      Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 14:55:20 -0800
      From: Zeno Swijtink <swijtink@...>
      Subject: Russian, Gualala now temperature impaired waterbodies

      Since the listing of North Coast Rivers, including the Russian River
      and the Gualala River, as being Temperature Impaired has important
      ramifications for wildlife protection in the county I am forwarding
      this to the list.

      Brenda Adelman, of the Russian River Watershed Protection Committee,
      has already reported on this in her recent message available in the
      SonomaWildlife archive at


      Zeno Swijtink

      Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 07:09:15 -0800
      From: Alan Levine <alevine@...>
      Subject: [riverissues] North Coast Rivers - 303 (d) temperature impaired

      Below is a review of what went on at the SWRCB regarding the listing of
      North Coast Rivers as being Temperature Impaired - First Notes by Craig
      Bell, Then a brief synopsis by myself.

      ---- By Craig Bell

      Yesterday the State Water Resources Control Board, after a very tough
      that went teetering back and forth, voted to list the : Russian,
      Big, Ten Mile, Mad, rivers and Redwood Creek as temperature impaired
      Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act TMDL Program.

      This is a major victory. TMDL Implementation Plans will be developed for
      each river requiring site specific measures for each landowners holdings
      the listed watersheds to address reducing temperature pollution. I know
      the Timber Industry has been pushing for site specific measures as
      to one size fits all, however they did not seem pleased.

      Thanks to all who participated in the numerous hearings on this by
      written comments and oral testimony including: Cal Trout, Trout
      PCFFA, EPIC, Salmonid Restoration Federation, Northern California
      Association of River Guides, Sierra Club, Humboldt Watershed Council.

      A special thanks to Alan Levine of Coast Action Group who as usual did
      much background work in providing data to us all.

      Industry as predicted By Alan was in full force with Bernie Bush, Jim
      Branham, Peter Rebar, Dave Bischel, Marc Rentz, and Jim Lastrowsky. It
      appeared that Branham (Pacific Lumber) paid Dr. Kathleen Sullivan to
      the waters on the temperature threshold issue of her own study that is
      frequently cited. She appeared very uncomfortable being used that way.

      We were represented by Alan Levine, myself and Vivian Bolin.

      The vote to list or not list came and went several times at the end of
      meeting with no one in the audience or even some Board Members seeming
      know the status. What tipped the balance was Art Baggett's concern by
      that 15 locations on the Gualala River exceeded lethal temperatures(24
      degrees Centigrade).

      Craig Bell SRF, NCARG, Sierra Club

      ---- More by Alan Levine

      February 5, 2003

      Yesterday, with the State Water Quality Control Board consideration of
      new 303 (d) list of impaired waterbodies, the Gualala River, Big River,
      River, Ten Mile River, Russian River, and Redwood Creek were added to
      list as impaired by the pollutant temperature. This means that
      review and mitigation as well as completion of a temperature TMDL
      (pollutant reduction program) must be accomplished to address impacts
      timber harvest and other land use issues.

      Getting the State Water Quality Control board to include these rivers
      not easy. The great preponderance of evidence, hundreds of sites
      for months at a time over a period of years with substantial spatial
      representation showed significant numbers of sites with elevated
      temperatures that are deleterious to salmon - with many sites showing
      term lethal effects. Even with this evidence, the timber industry
      representatives were successful in misrepresenting the issue and
      misdirecting the line of thinking and confusing the Board. In the end
      Board made the right decision. But, probably would not have done so
      both Regional Board and State Board staff interceded to make clear
      pertinent point, the level of confidence, at just the right moment.

      The decision almost went the wrong way, teetering on the abyss at
      occasions during Board discussion. Watching this, political and psychic
      warfare, was painful and frightening.

      Michael Johnson, the famous world record holder for 400m and 200m, was
      asked what it felt like to run a good 400m. He said it felt fine until
      last 100 meters and at that point to the finsih it felt like you were
      eviscerated from the inside out. That is what this meeting felt like.

      I have run many 400's in my life and have been to many meetings that
      that painful. I am not sure that I have the energy for many more of
      in my life. We need some help and reinforcements if we are going to make
      difference on our rivers.

      I want to thank the people that were there to make a difference: Craig
      Bell, Vivian Bolin, Don McEnhill, and the State and Regional Board staff
      members that did a great job in putting all the information together for
      the Board.

      Alan Levine
      Coast Action Group
      Box 215
      Point Arena, CA 95468

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