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Re: Blitz 2011

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    Hello Bob and all, Dave and I are in the midst of packing up for our UT & CO road trip to and from DSA meeting. We ll be gone all of July. Don t have time to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 29, 2011
      Hello Bob and all,

      Dave and I are in the midst of packing up for our UT & CO road trip to and from DSA meeting. We'll be gone all of July.
      Don't have time to look up all you've mentioned Bob, but I bet it's all good. I don't know if anyone else has looked into anything at all.
      I'm gonna request that anyone doing any research for this trip, share it with all of us on CalOdes and possibly SowestOdes too.

      Let's make the America's Best Value Inn in Needles for $59 a night our main motel, and maybe we can get a block of rooms and get us all a discounted price.

      I've not heard from too many folks, but folks who might attend include
      Kathy & Dave Biggs
      Karen DeMello
      Chris Heaivilin
      Paul Johnson
      Matthew Matthiessen
      Bob Miller
      Ron Oriti
      Rich Schilk

      Anyone else thinking of joining us should let us know asap.

      Contact info on some BLM folks that could help us find ponds, seeps, etc. is below. I won't have time, but maybe someone else will ??
      Contact info for the Needles area that should be helpful for the Blitz.
       Mona Daniels 760 326-7021 has mapped out all the springs in the area.
      The AZ BLM actually has the land immediately on each side of the Colorado River.
      The Aquatic Biologist for the Lake Havasu area is Kirk Koch (sp?).
      Then the contact person for the Mohave National Preserve is Debra Hughson 760 252-6105, or alternately we could contact Annie Kerns. Their offices are in Barstow.

      Should get LOTS of new species for CA, AZ and maybe NV, and maybe some state records too. It'll be HOT there in more ways than one!!

      California Dragonflies	       http://www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies	       http://southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond	       http://www.bigsnestpond.net/
      Kathy and Dave Biggs	       bigsnest@...   707-823-2911
      308 Bloomfield Rd.             Sebastopol, CA  95472 
      dba Azalea Creek Publishing    azalea@... fax:707-823-2911

      Bob Miller wrote:
      Hi all,
      Dave and Kathy, it sounds like you are going to have a fine adventure for July!
      I made reservations at America's Best Value Inn in Needles for $59 a night. It is located at the intersection of Hwy 95 and I-40. I will be there Fri Sat and part of Sun. and figure it will be warm enough at the end of August that I do not intend to try camping out!
      Not sure what area you had in mind covering. I have been scouring Google Earth for ways to ode the Colorado River for the Blitz. The following thoughts are just that and I don't know what others have in mind or have already envisioned! I have traveled Hwy 95 on the CA side many times and spent a week in the Park Moab area about 35 years ago so do not have ANY first hand knowledge where to go other than Google Earth. A loop from Needles south to Parker Dam and back on the Arizona side would be a heck of a day. Getting to water on the west side will be a lot of desert travel and maybe 4x4 with little access.  The east side looks like wall to wall civilization. The main river itself I do not expect will have a lot of odes.
      A loop from Needles up and across at Laughlin just below Parker Dam then back down the Arizona side looks very promising.  Maybe we focus on the Ca/Ne side Friday and then Az the next day kind of thing. Park Moab looks like a god place to start on the CA side. Maybe Saturday we hit the AZ side for the full day as most people should be there by then and that side of the river looks very promising and HUGE!
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