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[Fwd: [Odonata-l] Calopterygidae samples needed]

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    Forwarding this in case anyone cares to help this researcher obtain /Calopteryx /specimens. Cheers!! Kathy Biggs ... Subject: [Odonata-l] Calopterygidae
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011
    Forwarding this in case anyone cares to help this researcher obtain Calopteryx specimens.
    Kathy Biggs

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    Subject:[Odonata-l] Calopterygidae samples needed
    Date:Thu, 2 Jun 2011 10:32:12 +0200
    From:David Outomuro <outomuro.david@...>

    Dear colleagues,


    My name is David Outomuro. I am a post-doc researcher now at the University of Oviedo (Spain).  I am collaborating with Frank Johansson (now at Uppsala University) studying the evolution of wing shape in the family Calopterygidae, and its relationship with wing pigmentation expression both in males and females.


    We are preparing a large study including many species of this family from all over the world and I would really appreciate any help in getting some samples for our study. Specifically, we are mostly interested in the species for which there is some information on their phylogenetic relationships (listed below), but any other species from the family Calopterygidae or Polythoridae are welcome. We would need at least 5 males and 5 females of each species to perform the study. Specimens can be preserved dried.


    Thank very much in advance for any provided help. Please, if you wanto to contact me use this e-mail: outomuro.david@...


    Species list:


    -          Calopteryx splendens caprai

    -          C. exul

    -          C. maculata

    -          C. aequabilis

    -          C. amata

    -          C. dimidiata

    -          C. japonica

    -          C. cornelia

    -          Atrocalopteryx atrata

    -          A. atrocyana

    -          A. incarnata

    -          Mnais pruinosa

    -          M. costalis

    -          M. mneme

    -          Hetaerina americana

    -          H. titia

    -          Matrona basilaris

    -          Neurobasis chinensis

    -          Psolodesmus mandarinus

    -          Archineura incarnata

    -          Echo modesta

    -          Phaon iridipennis

    -          Vestalis sp.

    Dr. David Outomuro Priede
    Dpto. Biología de Organismos y Sistemas
    Universidad de Oviedo
    c/ Catedrático Rodrigo Uría s/n
    33071 Oviedo, España


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