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CalOdes/DSA-West Dragonfly Blitz IV, August 8-11

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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    *CalOdes/DSA-West Dragonfly Blitz IV, August 8-11* All Californians, and any other folks who are interested in our western fauna, are invited to join us on the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008
      CalOdes/DSA-West Dragonfly Blitz IV, August 8-11
      All Californians, and any other folks who are interested in our western fauna, are invited to join us on the 
      4th Annual CalOdes/DSA-West Dragonfly Blitz.
       The Blitz is planned for August 8-11, which is very soon after the DSA Annual Meeting and Post Trip in Oregon 
      (DSA July 31-August 4, then post trip) so that folks visiting from afar won’t need to make 2 trips.
       Our Blitzes take place in a different region within California each year. This is our year to blitz the north. 
      Trinity County, just west of Redding in Northern California, is terribly under-censused and our blitz will be there. 
      It’s also a gorgeous and infrequently visited area. We’ll centralize our exploration from the Weaverville area, 
      which is mountainous, forested and has lakes, rivers, creeks, etc.
      Trinity truly is a 'hole' in many of the California species' distribution maps, (see the distribution maps on the 
      family pages of the website California Dragonflies - http://www.sonic.net/dragonfly). It is also a place with many of 
      the beautiful species 'southerners' and ‘easterners’ can't find at home.
      The plan will be to add as many species to the Trinity County List as we can, get better acquainted with the mountain 
      species, and have fun! There would even be a slight chance of finding a state record, but that won't be the main focus.
      Plans are centering on the weekend of August 9-10, with some folks arriving a day early and some staying a day late. 
      Those who stay late might want to head further north or south within the county.
      We SHOULD be able to find LOTS of whitefaces (Leucorrhinia), emeralds (Corduliidae), darners (Aeshnidae), meadowhawks 
      (Sympetrum) and some of the mountain skimmers (Libellulidae) & clubtails (Gomphidae) such as Chalk-fronted Corporal 
      (Libellula/Ladona julia) which would be a new county record but is surely there, and Sinuous Snaketail (Ophiogomphus 
      occidentis), some of the mountain damsels (Zygoptera) and, as always part of the fun is the surprises! At the same time, 
      we'll be adding to our knowledge of California distribution.
      The exact location where we'll meet and stay has not been determined yet, but it will be in the Weaverville area and the 
      precise site, directions and contact information will be announced here on CalOdes and emailed/mailed to anyone 
      contacting Kathy Biggs saying that they are interested: bigsnest@...; 308 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol, 95472; 
      707-823-2911. So far we’re expecting between 12-20 folks to attend, most, but not all Californians. This is our largest 
      number of Blitzers yet and everyone is welcome!
      PLEASE let us know if you're considering coming (contact information in prior paragraph). 
      Prior Blitzes have been a LOT of fun, and it's wonderful to get to put faces with names.
      Kathy Biggs
      California Dragonflies	       http://www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies	       http://southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond	       http://www.bigsnestpond.net/
      Kathy and Dave Biggs	       bigsnest@...      707-823-2911
      308 Bloomfield Rd.             Sebastopol, CA  95472 
      dba Azalea Creek Publishing    azalea@...   fax: 707-823-2911
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