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Re: [CalOdes] Field trip to Lake & Colusa counties

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  • Kathy and Dave Biggs
    Hi all and Thanks David for posting about our trip, One of the purposes of our trip was to fill in some missing species on the CA county maps. What I ve done
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2002
      Hi all and
      Thanks David for posting about our trip,

      One of the purposes of our trip was to fill in some missing species on
      the CA county maps. What I've done to facilitate in this effort in the
      past is that I've printed up all the species maps, 4 maps per page, from
      the website and use them to alert me to when a county is a 'hole' for a
      particular species (way easier to visualize than from the excel chart).
      Using those, I made up a 'hit' list for David and I yesterday, and we
      worked away at it.

      Most amazing was finding out that, although folks had been reporting
      Desert Firetails (Telebasis salva) from Bear Creek for years now, none
      of us had ever realized that the species wasn't recorded at all in
      Colusa Co! So we now have a specimen for Colusa Co.

      Then for Lake County we caught a Western Pondhawk at a small pond on
      Butts Canyon Rd. This pond is just north of where the county line with
      Napa Co. is, and David hadn't realized in prior years that it is
      actually in Lake Co. We're calling this pond Guenoc Pond after a nearby
      winery, but it is unnamed on the LeLorme (p. 84, C2) and other maps that
      show it. However, it is a great pond for dragonflies and also has a
      ephemeral stream nearby that I *might* have seen a Red Rock Skimmer on
      (that would have filled in yet another 'hole'). We did see many Green
      Darners there, but didn't have the time necessary to catch one of these
      fast and wary bugs (guess that is why so many of our counties only have
      'sightings' for this species!). I plan to go back....

      The other Lake Co. species we were able to document was at our very
      first stop. Frustrated by not being able to get down to the dragons on
      Detert Reservoir, we swung at some damsels in the grass. They apparently
      are Familiar Bluets (Enallagma civile) which were another species on our
      hit list. So it was a good day: 3 new county species recorded and 21
      species seen in all.

      I'll be sending a 'draft' copy of the July County records update out
      later today so all of you can make sure the data is recorded correctly
      for any event you took part in. It certainly is wonderful to have so
      many people helping determine CA distribution. THANKS!


      DAVID HOFMANN wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Kathy Biggs & I went to Bear Creek today to see what was flying. On the way we detoured to Detert's Reservoir on Butt's Canyon Road out of Middletown (Lake), and then proceeded on to a pond just north of the Napa county line. From this area we went on to Bear Creek where it crosses Hwy 20 in Colusa county. This is the list of what we identified today:
      > Pale-faced Club Skimmer-caught specimen
      > Western Pondhawk-caught specimen
      > Widow Skimmer-many seen
      > Flame Skimmer- numerous
      > Blue Dasher-quite a few
      > Variegated Meadowhawk-just a few
      > Eight-spotted Skimmer-quite a few
      > Black Saddlebags-numerous
      > Western River Cruiser-a couple at Bear Creek
      > Aeshna sp.-1 seen at small pond
      > Common Green Darner-a couple seen at the pond
      > White-belted Ringtail-numerous at Bear Creek (more were on top of the barbed wire fence running along the road than near the water, ie 21)
      > Gray Sanddragon-just a few at Bear Creek
      > American Rubyspot-a few at Bear Creek
      > California Dancer-one caught at Bear Creek
      > Sooty Dancer-quite a few
      > Vivid Dancer- a few
      > Northern Bluet-numerous
      > Familiar Bluet-numerous
      > Western Forktail-numerous
      > Desert Firetail-caught specimen, only two seen
      > I'll let Kathy note which ones were county records, I know we had a few.
      > Good hunting,
      > David A. Hofmann
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