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Damselfly book update - photos urgently needed

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  • iodonata@bellsouth.net
    Dear group: Here is the latest on the Revised damselfly book and companion color guide as of July 28 2006: 1. Since we are still lacking many images for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      Dear group:

      Here is the latest on the Revised damselfly book and companion color guide
      as of July 28 2006:

      1. Since we are still lacking many images for the companion guide, it is
      being delayed again. The text (book) is ready to go and will go to press
      within a few weeks with delivery expected in Late September. A "rain check"
      will be issued for the companion color guide for those who paid for the
      advanced order special. So they will be tow separate mailing, several months

      2. Advanced order pricing has been increased as of July 28. The people who
      ordered in advance are really getting a good deal

      3. Here is a list of photos that are out of focus (those marked "bad" are
      too poor to publish). If you have any of these images and would like to
      submit them. Send them to <mailto:mimay@...>
      mimay@... and cc them to <mailto:JBHATL@...>
      JBHATL@.... Do not send them to me please.


      Calopteryx aequabilis (bad)

      Calopteryx amata (bad)

      Calopteryx angustipennis

      Camopteryx maculata

      Lestes congener

      Lestes disjunctus disjunctus

      Lestes forficula

      Lestes tenuatus

      Lestes vidua (bad)

      Acanthagrion quadratum

      Argia emma

      Argia tarascana (bad)

      Argia tezpi (bad)

      Enallagma civile

      Hesperagrion heterodoxum

      Ischnura capreola

      Ischnura denticollis

      Ischnura hastata

      Ischnura perparva

      Ischnura prognata

      Nehalennia integricollis

      Nehalennia minuta

      Nehalennia pallidula

      Telebasis filiola


      Argia carlcooki

      Argia fumipennis atra

      Argia funcki

      Argia garrisoni (bad)

      Argia westfalli (bad)

      Enallagma civile

      Enallagma davisi

      Enallagma geminatum

      Ischnura demorsa (bad)

      Ischnura ramburii, red form

      Leptobasis vacillans (bad)

      Nehalennia minuta


      Ischnura verticalis, pair

      Neoneura aaroni, pair

      Protoneura capillaris, pair

      4. We are still missing the following:

      Have nothing at all on these species:

      Chrysobasis lucifer

      Diceratobasis macrogaster

      Enacantha caribbea

      Enallagma truncatum

      Leptobasis candelaria

      Telebasis corallina

      Telebasis incolumis

      Microneura caligata

      Neoneura carnatica

      Neoneura maria

      Protoneura corculum

      Pseudostigma aberrans

      The following we have only a "pair" photo (no photo of single male or

      Argia alberta

      Argia bipunctulata

      Argia tonto

      Enallagma anna

      Enallagma basidens

      Enallagma boreale

      Enallagma doubledayi

      Enallagma dubium

      Ischnura gemina

      Ischnura verticalis

      Neoneura aaroni

      Protoneura capillaris

      Protoneura cara

      Protoneura sanguinipes

      The following are missing male photos (in addition to those listed above):

      Telebasis dominicana

      Telebasis filiola

      The following are missing female photos (in addition to those listed above):

      Archilestes californica

      Lestes congener

      Lestes forficula

      Lestes scalaris

      Lestes tenuatus

      Hypolestes clara

      Argia agrioides

      Argia anceps

      Argia fumipennis fumipennis

      Argia harknessi

      Argia leonorae

      Argia munda

      Argia nahuana

      Argia pima

      Argia plana

      Argia sabino

      Argia tarascana

      Argia ulmeca

      Coenagrion angulatum

      Diceratobasis melanogaster

      Enallagma eiseni

      Enallagma laterale

      Enallagma pictum

      Enallagma praevarum

      Enallagma semicirculare

      Enallagma vernale

      Leptobasis melinogaster

      Telebasis filiola

      Telebasis salva

      Telebasis vulnerata

      Zonagrion exclamationis

      Palaemnema paulicoba

      Neoneura amelia

      Protoneura dunklei

      Protoneura viridis

      Mecistogaster ornata

      The publisher/editor needs to know what our final photos will be before I
      make up the final plates, since he does not want to shift photos around once
      the plates are made.


      Bill Mauffray
      International Odonata Research Institute
      PO Box 147100
      Gainesville FL 32614-7100
      New address (June 1 2006)
      www.iodonata.net <http://www.iodonata.net/>
      old address (phased out July 1 2006)
      <mailto:iori@...> iori@...
      <http://www.afn.org/~iori> www.afn.org/~iori

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