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Re: Red Rock Skimmer in Mono

Kristie! Very cool to document this! Your photo will be the voucher for Mono County! Could you please submit it to Odonata Central? If you haven't used the
Kathy & Dave Biggs
9:26 PM

Red Rock Skimmer in Mono

Hi all, It's been an incredible month for a lot of things around our yard near Mono Lake lately (butterflies, moths, totally unprecedented warm, even hot
    Kristie Nelson
    Mar 30
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    Cardinal Meadowhawk, California Darner SCC

    I added two new species to my year list during a walk along Matadero Creek in Palo Alto, CA today: California Darner (2)Cardinal Meadowhawk (3) Also present
    Mar 26

    SW Blitz in New Mexico this August

    If you are not a DSA member (why not??), you will have missed this ... 2015 Southwest Dragonfly Blitz Kathy Biggs
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Mar 25

    newby wants contacts/help

    If anyone living near San Pablo would like to contact this newby, Tom Christensen, he'd like some help learning the Odes. His contact info is below. Thanks!!
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Mar 25

    Woodland Program

    If you live nearby, I hope you can come! =!= =!= =!= =!= =!= =!= Thurs, March 26, 6:00 - 8:00PM Dragonflies: The Earth's First Fliers for the Tuleyome - Deep
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Mar 24

    New Records!

    Things are popping up all over!! *March 23, 2015* *_Santa Barbara_**_County_**__* *Hugh Ranson* Goleta pond this afternoon *_**Great Pondhawk/Erythemis
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Mar 23

    Great Pondhawk

    A Great Pondhawk was at a private ranch pond in Goleta today, apparently the third state record and the earliest flight date for the southwest (thanks, Kathy).
    Hugh Ranson
    Mar 23
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    Free Workshop in Sonoma County

    http://www.landpaths.org/eventdetails.aspx?EventId=24366 I'm excited that Landpaths has stepped into a partnership with the Laguna Foundation so that this
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Mar 22

    Vivid Dancer SCC

    I found my FOS Vivid Dancer in a residential portion of Willow Glen, San Jose (Santa Clara County) today. A mostly dry creek runs behind my mom's home. The
    Matthew Dodder
    Mar 22

    Re: Red Rock Skimmer

    I suspect Paltothemis has a great propensity for wandering which perhaps gives them a shot at finding a flowing stream in arid regions and during times of
    Jim Johnson
    Mar 20

    Re: Red Rock Skimmer in MTY

    I had a female in Rancho del Oso Tuesday, and it might have been a female and male up a rocky slope where another reddish colored rock cliff face was above me,
    Mar 20

    Odes SW Bonny Doon S. Cruz Co.

    I've had an explosion of Damsels and a few dragons here in SW Bonny Doon, other then the Pacific Forktail at least 2 California Darner, female, Rhionaeschna
    Mar 20

    Re: Red Rock Skimmer

    I've been seeing several Red Rock Skimmers on my visits to Sunol Regional Wilderness, Alameda County, on a consistent basis the past 3 weeks. But, that's it!
    Ken Wilson
    Mar 20

    Red Rock Skimmer in MTY

    Yesterday (19 March) Rita Carratello found & photographed a male Red Rock Skimmer in the 'corporation yard' in Pebble Beach. This is a cleared area at about
    Don Roberson
    Mar 20
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