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Red Saddlebags in San Francisco, 7/26/15

Add San Francisco to the list of northern California counties with Red Saddlebags records this summer. This morning, while out birding, Kevin McKereghan, Hugh
Jul 26

Pantala- Gliders's Heads-up

A head's up: Spot-winged Gliders have been recorded in every CA county now except Trinity and Siskiyou (where I am at the moment!). But many are sight only
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 25

Errata/Updates for my new Greater Southwest Dragonflies guide

With all the new records for Red Saddlebags, plus other dragonflies, I have already had to add an Errata/Updates link to my new Greater Southwest guide's site.
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 24

Santa Barbara County

7/21/15-- At La Patera Pond, Goleta, I saw a female Red-tailed Pennant ovipositing being guarded by a male, who aggressively chased off another male. Sadly,
Hugh Ranson
Jul 24

deChambeau Pnds, Mono County today

I went back to de Chambeau Ponds today after yesterday's rains. Wow! the number of Odes had declined by 90%. I saw 1 Red Saddlebags; several Blue-eyed
Jul 23

Mono County - deChambeau Ponds

Ron Oriti, Dave Weller and I went to deChambeau Ponds and to Sulfur Pond near Mono Lake Wednesday morning. As Kristie Nelson reported on CalOdes previously,
Jul 23

Re: Glider movement in SCZ

Thanks so much for your perseverance and getting this note out. I have made certain that the Xerces Society's Migratory Dragonfly Project received this report.
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 22

Glider movement in SCZ

(I don't think this went through the first time I tried posting) On July 18, I observed a substantial movement of gliders along the coast in Santa Cruz County.
Jul 22

Mono Co. -- north shore Mono Lake

Hi, Yesterday I visited the Dechambeau Ponds near the west shore of Mono Lake. Packed with odes. Species I was able to ID (in no particular order) 8-spotted
Kristie Nelson
Jul 21

Correction: Shasta and Lassen Counties post 7/20

I wrote American Jewelwing - but what I meant was American Rubyspot. Leslie Flint San Mateo
Jul 21

Re: Filigree Skimmer in San Diego County

Thanks for this report Brennan. We now have had Filigrees confirmed as breeding this year, but still this is a new phenomenon - It would be good to enter your
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 20

Shasta and Lassen Counties today 7/20

Today, via a circuitous route home from the SFI Workshop led by Kathy Biggs, I stopped at Bidwell Pond (Shasta County near Hat Creek) in search of Lyre-tipped
Jul 20

Filigree Skimmer in San Diego County

After two sightings earlier this spring that I couldn't confirm or document, today I finally got a great look at and good pictures of a female Filigree Skimmer
Jul 20

Siskiyou County

We've just concluded a wonderful 2+ days in the field with a fantastic bunch of participants at our "Dragonflies of the Siskiyous" workshop for the Siskiyou
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 20

Shasta County, 7/14-17

Hi, all, Apologies for the length of this report. I already posted about 7/13 in Shasta County. Here's 7/14--7/17. All locations Shasta County. 11 new species
Hugh Ranson
Jul 20
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