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Fwd: User-interest survey for automatic ID

Dear Fellow Odonate Enthusiasts, Please see the message below, and participate in the survey if you can.  Will's project is really exciting, and feedback from
Christopher Beatty
May 20

New San Joaquin County record

Beginner's luck!! Good going Bob! *May 16, 2015* *_San Joaquin_**_County_**__* *Bob Stahmer* Lodi, along theMokelumne River in theLodi Lake Nature Area
Kathy & Dave Biggs
May 17

Nagasawa Park - Sonoma County - 5/15/15

I spent my lunchtime today (5/15/15) at Nagasawa Park, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. The big highlight was a male Red Saddlebags that made several passes as I
Alan Wight
May 15

Re: Nagasawa Park - 5/9/15

Amazing photos! Cool to observe and I agree totally with Jim. Kathy -- SW Dragonflies http://southwestdragonflies.net California Dragonflies
Kathy & Dave Biggs
May 13

2 reports

We stopped by Bear Creek, Colusa County, CA en route to our McCloud home *May 7, 2015* *_Colusa_**_County_**__* *Kathy & Dave Biggs* Bear Creek @ Hwy 20,
Kathy & Dave Biggs
May 11

Hoary Skimmer

Went out today to a little pond/tule spot in the road off of highway 44 on Ponderosa and Withrow Roads below Shingletown Ca. Thanks to Ray Bruun for turning
May 10

Riverside County Odes

May 10, 2015 Riverside County Peter Siminski Dos Palmas Preserve; Dos Palmas Oases and Fish Ponds; Elev. -100' to -240'; 7:00-11:50, 68-88F, cloudless, calm
D Peter Siminski
May 10

Re: Nagasawa Park - 5/9/15 [3 Attachments]

That's a male and female in tandem. It appears that the female got hold of submerged vegetation and started to climb below the surface to oviposit. The male is
    May 10
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    Nagasawa Park - 5/9/15

    My friend Diane Miller took these images yesterday at Nagasawa and asked me what was going on. My best guess was that the male on the bottom was trying to
    Marilyn Caven
    May 10
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    Del Puerto Canyon

    Yesterday, while leading my Palo Alto Adult School birding class through Del Puerto Canyon (Stanislaus County) we had a 12 species of Odes. The grassy hills
    Matthew Dodder
    May 10

    Red-veined Meadowhawk in Santa Barbara County

    Today (5/9), I spent a couple of hours along the middle Santa Ynez River along Paradise Road, Santa Barbara County. Temps were quite cool--67-69 degrees, but
    Hugh Ranson
    May 9
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    lost an Ode treasure

    We have lost an Ode treasure - Gary Suttle succumbedto his cancer on March 14th. If any of you who had the great pleasure of being in the field with Gary would
    Kathy & Dave Biggs
    May 9

    Re: Nagasawa Park - 5/9/15

    Sorry, make that 5/8/15. I'm up too late! Alan From: CalOdes@yahoogroups.com [mailto:CalOdes@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of 'Alan Wight' shwand2@...
      Alan Wight
      May 9
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      Nagasawa Park - 5/9/15

      Today (5/9/15) at Nagasawa Park in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, I saw the following: Black Spreadwing - 5 Vivid Dancer - 1 Tule Bluet - several Pacific Forktail
      Alan Wight
      May 9

      Modoc and Colusa counties, 1-3 May

      I spent 1-3 May in eastern Modoc County and stopped by Bear Creek in Colusa County on the way home on 3 May. As nighttime temperatures are still in the 30s or
      Steve Rottenborn
      May 6
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