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Edgewood Park, SAn Mateo County, 4/23

This afternoon I made a short hike up the Clarkia Trail at Edgewood. I was looking for birds and butterflies, but found two dragonflies: Variegated
Apr 23

Sunol Regional Wilderness, Alameda County,, CA

Yesterday, 4/22, I went to Sunol to check for Odes. It got sunny around noon and things began to appear. Here's my list: Exclamation Damsel - many Tule Bluet
Apr 23

Re: Pacific Clubtail

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 8:30 PM, "bluesrollers@... [CalOdes]" wrote:   Went to Coleman Wildlife Area this
John Plank
Apr 22
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Pacific Clubtail

Went to Coleman Wildlife Area this evening and saw ten or more Pacific Clubtail, One Male Grappletail, California Darner, Pacific Forktail, and Vivid Dancer.
Apr 22

Contra Costa Co

Had a female Red Rock Skimmer in my yard today. As far as I know the only regular spot for them in the county is Donner and Mitchell Canyons on Mount Diablo
Apr 22


My wife and I went to Darrah Springs Fish Hatchery for our April Grappletail hunt. Found five. 3 male and 2 female. Darrah Springs is East of Red Bluff
Apr 20

Re: Napa Odes

Welcome to CalOdes Alex!! New member's first posts are 'moderated' (so we can keep out spammers). After your first legitimate post, future posts should go out
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Apr 19

Napa Odes

I've just begun getting acquainted with the dragonflies in Napa--this is my first spring here. Over the last few weeks I've seen the following species in
Apr 19

Nagasawa Park - Sonoma County

I made two lunchtime visits to Nagasawa Park, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County this week. On April 15, 2015, I saw: Black Spreadwing - 8 Tule Bluet - several Pacific
Alan Wight
Apr 17

Re: Manzana Creek, Santa Barbara County [2 Attachments]

Hugh's two foy bring us up to 40 species reported as on the wing. Sympathies to Nick though! Kathy -- SW Dragonflies http://southwestdragonflies.net California
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Apr 17

Manzana Creek, Santa Barbara County

Today,(4/17) I ventured into the Los Padres National Forest (Santa Barbara County) to look for dragonflies along Manzana Creek upcreek from Nira campground,
Hugh Ranson
Apr 17
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Alpine Pond, San Mateo County today

I went up to Alpine Pond to see what Odes were about. It was coolish and a bit windy. There were: Pacific Forktail - dozens California Darner - 2 Blue-eyed
Apr 13

Red Rock Skimmer Alameda / Santa Cruz

A visit to Sunol Regional Wilderness yesterday with my class produced several looks at RED ROCK SKIMMERS along the creek. Also seen were one CALIFORNIA DARNER,
Matthew Dodder
Apr 12

Santa Rosa - 4/9/15

Today (4/9/15) at the Keysight Technologies site in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, I saw the following: Vivid Dancer - 2 Eight-spotted Skimmer - 1 female
Alan Wight
Apr 9

Sunol Regional (Alameda County)

Today at Sunol Regional Wilderness I saw a few Red Rock Skimmer and one Pacific Clubtail. Ken A. Wilson Pleasanton, CA.
Ken Wilson
Apr 9
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