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Blood Donation Month starts TODAY!!!

Please forward to any group you belong to! --Lady Ysoude *********************** The Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge is in its FOURTH year! In the past
Ysoude de Rochester
Dec 1, 2009

12 Night Court Business

I wasn't sure if this is where I was supposed to send this but if not, would you please forward it on or tell me where to send it? Thanks... I, Lady Ysoude de
Ysoude de Rochester
Jan 2, 2008

12-06 Thank You for Blood Donation Month and Challenge

Please put the following in the March CP in case people missed the announcement at 12th night. Thanks! Lady Ysoude **************************** Greeting my
Shelley Larimer
Jan 23, 2007

Blood Donation Challenge Banner Promissory

Hello Mistress Flavia! I wanted to follow up with you earlier regarding this but I have been delinquent! I was wondering if you would create a promissory note
Shelley Larimer
Jan 2, 2007

Re: Blood Donation Challenge Banner Promissory

oops...sent without the attachment!!! Shelley Larimer wrote: Hello Mistress Flavia! I wanted to follow up with you earlier
    Shelley Larimer
    Jan 2, 2007
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    Fwd: Blood Donations

    Oh crap...I meant to copy the list on this!!! ... Shelley Larimer wrote: Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 22:03:53 -0800 (PST) From: Shelley
    Shelley Larimer
    Dec 30, 2006

    Blood Challenge Update

    **Please Cross Post to other Lists!** Good Evening Caid! First I would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has gotten me their Blood Donation
    Shelley Larimer
    Dec 27, 2006

    Re: {Disarmed} Re: [Caid-Seneschal] December Blood Donation Challan

    I know that the American Red Cross either writes in or puts a sticker with the number on the post donation pamphlet near the phone number to call if you have a
    Shelley Larimer
    Dec 27, 2006

    Blood Donation Banner

    Before I send this off to Bjo I have questions!!!! I started writing it and so many came up I don't want to send it to her like this! Please see my questions
      Shelley Larimer
      Dec 23, 2006
      This message has attachments

      Fwd: [Fwd: Re: [CAID] December Blood Donation Challange]

      Hello again My Lord! Mistress Lynnette forwarded the below to me and I want to thank you for your donations! I know you are probably very busy, however, I
      Shelley Larimer
      Dec 23, 2006

      Re: Blood Donation Post

      Sorry to be so late .. yesterday morning I got socked with a printing emergency for my Sister-in-law, and yesterday evening I had a bout of food poisoning!
      Debbie Coyle
      Dec 22, 2006

      Blood Donation Post

      Lynnette - please review this and let me know what you think! I would like to get it out on Thursday or Friday so please let me know ASAP. When it is
      Dec 20, 2006

      Blood Donation Month and Challenge!

      **Please cross post to other lists!!!** Good Evening! I have just received the first submission to the Blood Donation Month and Challenge and it is for The
      Shelley Larimer
      Dec 8, 2006

      Your blood drive on the net

      Ysoude, Wanted to see if anyone had linked to the Blood Drive page on Altavia's website yet, so I did a Google search for: "blood drive" Altavia So far I find
      Debbie Coyle
      Nov 26, 2006

      The Templar Blood Drive

      Dear Captain Marcellus, I would like to thank you so much for setting up a blood drive during our donation month. I was so excited to see the post on Friday
      Shelley Larimer
      Nov 20, 2006
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