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  • Chuck
    Hello, group! Well, I ve been trying to sell/trade the 89 Brougham for 2mos now, with no luck...no interest. SO, I m gonna try another route: making the best
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2003
      Hello, group!

      Well, I've been trying to sell/trade the '89 Brougham for 2mos now,
      with no luck...no interest. SO, I'm gonna try another route: making
      the best of what I've got.

      I'd like to keep the stock Olds 307 in it, as rebuilding it (with
      decking, CC-ing, porting and polishing the heads)will cost me just a
      hair under $2,000, and a rebuilt tranny with Stage 1 shift kit and
      auxiliary cooler will only set me back another $1,300. Combined,
      there's the cost of a crate 350, with few options. See where I'm
      going with this???

      I've investigated an aftermarket TBI system, but Holley and
      Edelbrock (the only ones out there, btw) don't make a model that
      interfaces with the Caddy's transmission/electrical setup. I'd LOVE
      to go with a TBI unit, and some of you have suggested a GM TBI. BUT,
      which one - if any - would work with MINIMAL tinkering on my 307?
      What would I take it off of, and what would I need to look for to
      make sure I get it all?

      And Now For Something Completely Different....ok, not really.
      HEADERS. Dual exhausts are a given, with crossover and dual cats,
      but w/o headers, duals are about useless. Anyone ever purchased a
      set for their 89/307 and had them work? What were they, and how do I
      get them?

      And to those who say "just get a Beemer,etc." ---- If I'd wanted
      one, I'd have BOUGHT it. I need the room and size the Caddy offers.
      No one else comes close, and after two abortive ownings of Eldorados
      with the dreaded HT4100 motor, I'll NEVER go back to aluminum
      engines. Period.

      Any good ideas, group? Or, does anyone have a pre-1977 GM station
      wagon they'd like to trade me for my Brougham?

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