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Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: 1970 Cad Mods

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  • John Brody
    Is this a 2-gear job? If so, don t you need a custom (backwards) cam? Seems like that would be the hardest part to get right. A 3-gear job with a stock cam
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 19, 2003
      Is this a 2-gear job?  If so, don't you need a custom (backwards) cam?  Seems like that would be the hardest part to get right.  A 3-gear job with a stock cam would just be a monster headache.
      Anyway, I don't think I've heard of people having any problem with the Cloyes timing set, so it doesn't really seem worth the effort.
      Also, isn't there somebody on the MTS board who kept their stock A/C with the edelbrock intake?  You may need to fab up some higher brackets and get a longer belt, but isn't it possible?  The alternative, of course, is the Sanden compressor... maybe this approach is easier.

      Juan Ayon <juan@...> wrote:
      Yes and no.
      Someone did fab up a timing gear drive a long time ago. It required
      quite a bit of machining and was very expensive to make, if my
      memory serves me right. They were never put into production or
      anything like that so they aren't any available. Plus, why would you
      want one anyway. They sound cool at first, but then they can become
      very annoying. Just my opinion anyway....
      The only way to keep the stock a/c would be to port the intake. Keep
      your carb. QuadraJet's are very good if properly tuned and it's an
      800 cfm unit!
      Good Luck

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, "Albert"
      <70cadcoupe@c...> wrote:
      > Has anyone ever put a timing gear drive in a 472? Also, is there
      > aftermarket intake/carb combo that will let me retain my a/c?
      > Thanks,
      > Trey

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