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Re: Hi Gang "Newbie here!!"

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  • david brode
    Brent, I saw pics of a 240 with a 500. Fit nicely. Dave ... many ... no ... and ... few ... goes
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2003
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      I saw pics of a 240 with a 500. Fit nicely.

      " <ledphootracing@y...> wrote:
      > Just wanted to introduce myself. I am in the process of applying
      > years of backyard "know how" LOL in putting a 500 Caddy in my 1976
      > 240z!! I had a "snail block shovey" in it. It was fun but far too
      > common for my style... And when on a budget I truly beleive theres
      > replacement for displacement!!! Looks like space isnt going to be a
      > problem, and I am building a 9 in Ford rear to go under the car. I
      > plan to run a 10.5 x 15 slick at the track and 16" street wheels on
      > the road. I hope to build this car in time and under budget for the
      > 2004 Grassroots shoot out in Fla.heres the problem. I live in NC
      > there has been a real "run" on crushing large cars here the last
      > years. I'm having a hard time finding and affordable and preferably
      > running or can be made to run without rebuild engine!! The same
      > for early heads and even the 425's?? any help??
      > I hope to build my 69 MushTang next!!
      > Thanks gang!!
      > LedPhoot.
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