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Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Need some help 'buffing up' my Brougham...

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  • Scott Pearson
    ... From: Chuck ... Those are a nice car. Be prepared, if you can t do much of the work yourself, it s going to get expensive. Not very
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2003
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      From: "Chuck" <cmk59@...>

      > I have an '89 Brougham that I'd like to keep. In order to do so, I'd
      > like to make some mods, but need to hear from someone out there who
      > might have done some of the things I'd like to-for instance (BTW,
      > pls keep in mind I cannot do much of the work myself, and must
      > therefore pay to have this done):

      Those are a nice car. Be prepared, if you can't do much of the work
      yourself, it's going to get expensive. Not very many shops are familiar with
      doing performance work on Cadillacs.

      > 1. I'd like to go to a 14" to 14.5" Trans-Am type steering wheel,
      > but with the tilt/telescoping column, I understand this may be
      > impossible. Can someone tell me what, if anything I can do here? Did
      > Caddy make a wheel that will fit? Paying as much for an 'adapter
      > kit' for an aftermarket wheel as for the wheel itself kinda, well,
      > sux.

      That may be a bit of a challenge, mostly due to telescoping. It's been a
      while since I've had a tele column apart, but it seems to me there was
      something different in that mechanism. The T/A wheel will bolt to alot of
      aftermarket adapters, if you're talking about one that is mounted with the
      counter-sunk allen head screws.

      > 2. The car has the standard Olds 307 in it; I'd LIKE to have a 350
      > put in, as it was the optional engine. Will my current (stock 4-spd
      > auto) tranny work with it? Which 350s would be a straight bolt-in?
      > ALSO, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY,I'd like to go with a 350 with fuel
      > injection. Any ideas here???

      Olds 350 will bolt in. Depending on how much you modify the engine, the
      transmission may even live behind it. The 200-4R can be built to take some
      power, the Grand National guys put a lot through them.

      Fuel injection can be done on these as well. The best way to do it is to use
      a 70's Seville PFI manifold, run later model injectors with a GM 1227730
      ECM. There's a couple cars running around with this system, one has it on a
      403. Driveability is great and even with a stock junkyard motor, power is

      > 3. IF the 350 doesn't pan out, has anyone worked on the 307 to get
      > more oomph out of it? Things like decking/porting & polishing the
      > heads, new intake, etc...not TOO radical, however.

      It will respond to modifications like any other motor, but why not go with a
      350 or 403? Extra cubes help.

      > 4. Does anyone make disc brake conversions for the Brougham's rear
      > drums? Can I 'cannibalize' the discs off of another Caddy and swap
      > them for the drums, or is this WAY too much work?

      You may be able to use the rear disc system off of a late 70's Trans Am.

      > 5. Has anyone put urethane bushings (or made other suspension mods)
      > under their similar Caddy to enhance handling...and I DON'T mean air
      > ride or suchlike...I want the stock ride height maintained.

      PST may have something for this. It's alot of car to move around, so don't
      expect to challenge a Vette in the corners.

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