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Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] ht4100 engine swap

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  • b parks
    josh wrote:I was wondering what kinds of modifications I would have to make to drop a 500cid caddy engine in my ht4100 powered fleetwood?
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 12, 2003


       josh <klap2003@...> wrote:

      I was wondering what kinds of modifications I would have to make to
      drop a 500cid caddy engine in my ht4100 powered fleetwood? does
      anyone know?

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      I have a 1984 coupe deville that came with the 4100 engine. I did a swap with a Olds 350. When I changed the engine I used all brackets and hardware that came with the olds engine and re used the 200-4r trans-converter bolted up perfect, in your case you are probably will be using a turbo 400. Make sure the trans to carburetor cable works right before driving. when i had the engine out of the car I changed out the power steering hoses and connected a fuel line that runs on the crossmember to get fuel to the pump since the 4100 fuel line stops on the left side, and got under the right side to find the return line and the vapor line and cut both ends of the return line  since its not needed and connect the vapor line to the canister to be emissions legal and to vent the tank (on my installation the car runs fine but on acceleration in hot weather the car suffered from fuel starvation- you may want to run a bigger size vapor line to the tank  with the larger engine . I think the vapor line was originally tailored for fuel injection so keep this in mind) you will need another fuel pick-up for  a carburated engine so the tank will have to be dropped, and the in tank fuel pump removed and then re-connect the supply and vapor lines. Last thing to consider  is that you will be removing an aluminum block for a much heavier iron block so the front of the car is going to squat lower in the front--you may have to have heavier front springs put in like I had to do, and besides some of the minor electrical work and other tweaks your swap might work good. Hope this will help you as I had to learn as I went, and there may be others that may have more or better tips to add.

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    • Garret
      its a 1984 fleetwood brougham d elegance
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 18, 2003
        its a 1984 fleetwood brougham d'elegance
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