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Dustin's Timing Recommendations

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  • ja70cad
    Someone s always asking for this one: As you ve found, timing makes a big difference- Here s a formula from Dustin that works very, very well: If you want to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2002
      Someone's always asking for this one:
      As you've found, timing makes a big difference- Here's a formula from
      Dustin that works very, very well:
      "If you want to use premium unleaded gas use the combo that I have
      been using for years.
      With the stock 8.5:1 compression use 10 degrees initial, one gold
      spring and one silver spring and turn the adjustable advance counter-
      clockwise 10 turns. That puts it at about 35 degrees total at very
      low RPM like 1800 rpm. I have tried using more vacuum advance but it
      detonates like crazy with the spring package described. If you use
      the stiffer springs in conjunction with more vacuum advance the car
      is real lazy at WOT. It takes more RPM to get the centrifugal advance
      to open up and delays throttle response big time. Using less initial
      timing can work but the car will not want to run well in colder
      weather. It leans out bad enough to backfire through the carb when
      trying to accelerate during cold engine operation.
      I have tried every combination of weights, springs, vacuum and
      initial advance and have found the combination I described to be the
      best compromise between fuel economy (18-20 MPG at 2500RPM or 75MPH)
      and power (lots of bottom end grunt) at part throttle and full
      throttle. If you try and use lower octane fuel it will work well for
      part throttle only. At WOT it will ping lightly with 89 octane, never
      have run 87 octane in my car so don't know about
      that. I hope this helps, and let me know what your results were. I'd
      like to know if it's only my car that likes this combo or are all
      stock Caddies the same. I used the weights that came with the Crane
      kit due to their lighter weight, and besides the stock weights are
      usually toast by the time you get to them. They wear heavily around
      the spring posts. It was the Crane kit, but I
      think I used the Accel vacuum advance."
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