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Nitrous system on a big Cad

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  • tremorj10
    Thanks to LUXLX on the MTS board for this info. He is running a Caddy engine in a mid-80s Mustang: Just a little update. For the last few weeks I ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2002
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      Thanks to LUXLX on the MTS board for this info. He is running a
      Caddy engine in a mid-80s Mustang:

      Just a little update. For the last few weeks I've been havin a blast
      with the bottle on the Stang. I dont really condone racing on the
      street, but when push comes to shove...I cant help myself. I dont
      like Fords, the Stangs a dime a dozen, there everywhere, and
      everybody's got one...but it's also the reason the opprotunity
      arrises on a regular basis. From BB Impalas, to LS1's, to this weeks
      favorite...a turbo charged Supra import, complete with big
      wheels/tires, lowered, big wing on back and those damn stickers!
      Wasn't even remotely interested till he followed me for four miles
      before his window of opprotunity appeared. Blippin his throttle to
      let me know he's ready to play, I ignored his call...till the truck
      load of guys in the truck behind him yelled, "Kick his ass rice
      boy!"...thats when I armed the can. When the light turned green, I
      let rice boy leave...he had to spool up anyway...I rolled part way
      thru the intersection before lettin the hammer fly. I dont even
      remember seeing him, the shift lite blinded me(forgot to put the
      cover on for night driving!). Second gear the car danced alot, pulled
      high and then noticed ricer boy in the mirror....'bout six or seven
      cars back...hard to tell in the smoke. Dumped on her early and headed
      home laughin.
      Didn't care for the dancin she was doin , so I stopped to check tire
      pressure...10lbs, down from the 14lbs I usually run. Pumped um up to
      20lbs for the ride home. Decided now was a good time to check her
      performance on the Vericom on the way home in the boonies. Without a
      thought about what I had jus done, I lined her up. I'm runnin 34
      degrees total on a 65/73 hit at 5.8lbs flowing...plenty safe. Tacked
      it up, let it fly...up in smoke instantly...paddling the throttle
      tryin to straighten it out, pulled second to try to hook it up then
      matted it. Pulled high gear and rolled till about the 1000ft mark
      when I felt her nose down a little, figured I had used up my bottle
      and dumped...jus as I looked at the Vericom it hit the 1320. The
      clock said 12.13 at 121.5...not bad I figured considering the bottle
      went dry and I couldn't buy traction...till I weighed the bottle when
      I got home and I still had five pounds in her. Of the cars I have
      run, I dumped well before the end...the shift light lights at
      4200rpm, it was on for a good while in high gear. I think the stock
      springs are all done in the "high" rpms...she'll never make a full
      pass the way she is now. So I've decided to retire her sometime soon
      to put the other motor in...it's jus hard to put a wrench to her to
      put her down for any time! Maybe a couple more weeks. Later, LUXLX
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