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  • gatoracer
    ... mated a manual tranny to the Cad motor. His e-mail address is caddycarlo@comcast.net
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2002
      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@y..., brad mattson
      <cementponds@y...> wrote:
      > Last month in one weekend I got 2 Cad's. First was a
      > '89 Seville and then a '73 Eldorado convertable. I've
      > been eying this smooth running 500 for over a yr. to
      > make my next work truck, but it seems getting a manual
      > transmission on it is hard to do. I just hate auto
      > trannies. I have some metal working machines , what am
      > I to look for to get a 5 speed to fit it? The book
      > says it's easy to get the engine out , but the FWD
      > trans. won't stay up by itself? I was to get the
      > title for the newer one within the week and now find
      > out that it won't be till the 1st of the yr. I should
      > keep the newer one , but I really don't need a car.
      > Oh, they were both free, I'm about to scrap them if a
      > newspaper ad doesn't pan out. In Vegas...
      > I really need know how to get a manual trans. on the
      > 500 or I'll stick a 400 auto on it and stick it in a
      > car and sell it and hope the new owner doesn't kill
      > them self's with it. I think it would be perfect for
      > running multiple compressors and alt's. and still be
      > able to haul up mountains with heavy machinery.
      > There's a guy called caddycarlo with a website that expains how he
      mated a manual tranny to the Cad motor. His e-mail address is
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