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MAJOR UPDATE!! 1st Annual "Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Hearse, Hot Rod and Classic Car Cruise"

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  • frank redmond
    I am pleased to announce this update to the 1st Annual Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Hearse, Hot rod and Classic Car Cruise . We have been working closely with
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
      I am pleased to announce this update to the 1st Annual "Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Hearse, Hot rod and Classic Car Cruise".  We have been working closely with O'Reilly Auto Parts, Sonic Drive-In, Eagle One and Valvoline to bring you the best Cruise possible. 
      As of today, Friday, May 25, 2007, we have confirmed several door prizes and giveaways with the above listed.  In Elk City, Oklahoma, the Lonestar Hearse Association, Kansas Hearse Association, City of Elk City, Oklahoma and the National Route 66 Museum Complex are teaming up to bring you the "Get Your Kicks on Route 66 in Elk City Car Show".  The entry fee for the car show is $15.00 and $10.00 for the non-judged class (this will be in addition to those going on the Cruise).  This registration fee is to help cover the cost of the trophies, t-shirts and dash plaques.  Any additional money collected will be donated to the Mayor of Elk City's "Toys for Tots/Needy Children" Program.
      The following is a list of the Vehicle Classes trophies will be awarded to 2nd and 1st Place.
      Vehicle Classes for Car Show
      A) Hearse or ProCar - Original 1976 and Older
      B) Hearse or ProCar - Modified 1976 and Older
      C) Hearse or ProCar - Original 1977-Present
      D) Hearse or ProCar - Modified 1977-Present
      E) Street Rod - Coupe, Sedan, T-Bucket - 1926-1948
      F) Kustom or Hot Rod - 1949-1963
      G) 1948 and Older - Original
      H) 1949-1989 - Original
      I) Factory Muscle & Street Machines 1964-1988 (includes T-bird, Buick GN/GNX, Olds 442, Monte Carlo SS)
      J) Pony Cars - Mustang, Camaro, Firebird 1964-1973
      K) Pony Cars - Mustang, Camaro, Firebird 1974-Present
      L) Newer Iron - 1984 to Present (This would include, 'Vette, Viper, Prowler, etc)
      M) Imports - All years and countries
      N) Pickup Trucks - Original 1972 and Older
      O) Pickup Trucks - Original 1973 to Present
      P) Pickup Trucks - Modified 1972 and Older
      Q) Pickup Trucks - Modified 1973  to Present
      R) Motorcycles - Open
      S) Non-Judged - No Trophy
      We will also be awarding the following for:
      Driver's Choice - awarded to ANY Class
      Best Paint - awarded to ANY Class
      Best Interior - awarded to ANY Class
      Best of Show - awarded to ANY Class
      We are still working with the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) and Elk City's CVB to secure lodging rates in both cities as well as camping in Joplin, OKC and Elk City.  As we progress, further updates will be announced.
      Some of the other events planned that can be released at this time.  We're working with the Joplin Museum Complex, also known as Schifferdecker Park to hold our Registration Night with "A Night at the Drive-In and 50's Sock Hop".  We should have this confirmed by June 15, 2007.  The "50's Sock Hop" that we have planned is including prizes for those in costume and characters.  One of our Cruise Coordinator's will be doing glass etched beer mugs including the winner's name as the awards for this.  Hopefully we will see some poodle skirts and saddle shoes, a James Dean and elvis or two and maybe even Hermann and Lily Munster and we KNOW the Wolfman will be there!  At 9:00 PM on Thursday, September 20, 2007, we will be having a Poker Run with the Top THREE receiving prize money.  The funds from the Poker Run will be donated to the Schifferdecker and Museum complex as they run on donations for the Museum.
      In Oklahoma City, we will also be holding another Poker Run as well as several games for cash and prizes.  We have added some entertainment at Coit's on Friday Night as well.  We will be having a Rockabilly band or two as well as the OKC Roller Derby Girls performing in the parking lot. 
      We're working with Sonic Drive-In in Elk City, OK to host an "After The Show Cruise" down 3rd Street and through the Sonic.  We should have confirmation with Sonic also by June 15, 2007 and will update once more information has been received.
      Be sure to get your registration forms in!  The 1st 100 entrants will receive a commemorative dash plaque in addition to your other items for registering.  ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN August 15, 2007!  For more, please visit the website at http://route66hearsecruise.bravehost.com
      The Grand Prize Giveaway being presented Sunday morning, September 23, 2007 is a limited edition Route 66 NEON Clock valued at $125.00!  You must be present to win the Grand Prize Giveaway!!!
      If you make no other major event this year, this IS the one to be at!
      Thank you,
      Frank Redmond
      Lonestar Hearse Association
      1st Annual "Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Hearse, Hot Rod and Classic Car Cruise"
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