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Update from Cody G. Carson

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  • Cody G. Carson
    Hi everyone. This message has to be brief. I’m sending it all of my groups and message boards as an update. My computer is down. 45 finished minutes of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2006
      Hi everyone. This message has to be brief. I�m sending it all of my groups
      and message boards as an update. My computer is down. 45 finished minutes of
      my movie �Rebels of Redemption� (formerly titled �Culture Wars�) is locked
      inside and must be rescued before I can resume editing. My funds are too low
      right now to build another computer, but the project will be resumed after
      the first of the year. I hope to get enough footage out of it in a month or
      so to make a demo that I can send to key cast members. (I am very sorry
      about how long this is taking.)

      I�m trying to buy a house, fix a car, repair a storage building, finish two
      novels, three short stories for magazine publication, and recover from a bad
      cold. I still work 50-55 hours at the day job also. I don�t have time to
      manage my yahoo groups and am looking for more moderators. If you are
      interested in helping to manage one of my groups that you are a member of,
      please email me or post a message.

      Since this is going out to all groups and will reach 100�s of members who do
      not know me, I will include this: I have been faithfully married for almost
      17 years and am not looking. (Even if single I wouldn�t have the time or
      money) I do not engage in flirtatious chat or emails, I do not have time to
      make friends outside the movie/book or modeling professions and I prefer to
      NOT chat with female minors. (If you are a young model or actress who wants
      to be in a future movie, have your manager or parent contact me for you.)
      For all ages of females: Do NOT send bikini, lingerie pictures or photos of
      a sexual nature.

      UNREAD. I get hundreds of emails that apply to my career as an author,
      actor, director, movie producer, and Christian evangelist. I do not have
      time for anything else. I never have enough time as it is, and it takes
      hours to clear out junk mail. Please don�t add to it.

      I am not casting anytime soon, so no need to send pictures. If you want to
      be in one of my movies, you can find what group to be in by visiting my

      If you have sent me an email and I have not responded, it may be because it
      did not directly relate to a project I am working on, or it may have been
      lost when my email account went inactive recently by mistake.

      I will write more when I can, but am out of time for now. I can only get
      online when visiting friends or relatives so email response may be slow.


      Use your PC to make calls at very low rates
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