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2006 Goodguy's Lonestar Nationals at the Texas Motor Speedway

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  • frank redmond
    Hey everyone, I was at the Goodguy s Lonestar Nationals this past weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway and wanted to say that it was one incredible show. I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Hey everyone,
      I was at the Goodguy's Lonestar Nationals this past weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway and wanted to say that it was one incredible show.  I was amazed at how many Cadillac's were out there.  There was everyting from restored originals to wild and wicked customs. 
      I know this is going to upset a LOT of the purists on here, but one of my HERO'S at the show and the camping area was the guy who took a 1959 Sean DeVille and cut the roof off, put 4 racing seats in for an interior, painted it a bright green pearl, shaved all the door handles and a majority of the chrome, had 24's with spinners, but the best was the fact he runs a 1500hp 500 cubic inch Caddy engine with this massive blower coming thru the hood!  Let me tell y'all, this guy LOVED to get on it too!  On Saturday nite, he did one heck of a show of burn outs on the road just outside the motorhome compound! 
      For those who do read magazines like "Rod and Custom" or Custom Rodder, you might remember a few years back when Mother's Polish, Colorado Customs, House of Kolor and Rad Rides by Troy, the 1962 maroon and black Caddy convertible.  It was also there and is believed to be part of Don Davis' collection here in Texas.  Overall, there were just some awesome examples of cars out there.  This year also seemed to be even more traditional Calofornia "Rat Rod's" as well out there and being driven by the under 30 crowd (was more like the 25 and under crowd) and they sure werehaving a ball with "gettin on it it" too.
      As soon as www.photosportsusa.com gets the pictures of the vehicles that participated in the laps on the speedway online, I will post a link forthose wishing to check out the cars and fun at the Lonestar Nationals this year.  I know for a fact the guy with the 59 Caddy was on the track.
      I also thought I would post I'm in negotiations currently to purchase a 1939 S&S LaSalle 3 way Limosuine Style hearse....this will FINALLY give me both of best worlds!  I will have a unique hearse as ewll as a street rod.  The coach is "restorable" however, is EXTREMELYrough and not worth the money to restore to original condition, but is perfect to make into a very nice street rod.
      Always in Cadillac Style,
      Frank Redmond
      1953 Superior Cadillac Limosuine Style combination (Esmeralda)
      1962 S&S Cadillac Limosuine Style 3-way
      1969 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau 3-way (Rat Daddy Caddy)(Rat Rod)
      1974 Superior Cadillac Crown Sauvereign Landau Endloader (Cerberus)
      1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (Hot Rod Granny Caddy aka Granny)
      and hopefully 1939 S&S LaSalle Limosuine Style 3-way
      Frank Redmond
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