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Re: [SPAM] [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: early 1950s vintage Cadillac engine swap

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  • Jerry Brown
    I agree. Don t put a Chevy in a Cadillac (despite the fact Cadillac does that now with the LS series engines). Even a Chevy guy lifting the hood on your
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2006
      I agree. Don't put a Chevy in a Cadillac (despite the fact Cadillac does that now with the LS series engines).  Even a Chevy guy lifting the hood on your Cadillac would go Ugh if he saw a SBC in there. I'd rebuild the 331 and use the old hydramatic despite the fact they weren't much to write home about in the reliability and longevity departments.  It fits, the rest of the car is built around it and you don't have the host of irritating little problems like mounts, linkages, finding a gear indicator to fit on your steering column etc. that come with changing power trains.
      If you don't like the old hydramatic, get a 4L60e  or the huskier 4L80e  overdrive automatic. It has electronic controls and no cable or rod is needed for kickdown. You can get an aftermarket controller for it.  Someone makes an adapter so you can put that transmission behind your 331 and get improved gas mileage. The last 4L60e I had ( 99 Silverado) got traded at 176,000 miles with nary a hint of transmission problem the whole time.  If you get lucky you might find that someone makes a kit that solves the mounts/linkages etc. issues that go along with swaps.
      Jerry Brown
      Woodland WA 
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      From: Lance
      Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2006 8:42 PM
      Subject: [SPAM] [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: early 1950s vintage Cadillac engine swap

      There is no reason the 331 should be considered undependable.
      Just so you know, installing a Chevy engine would destroy the value of
      the car should you ever want to sell it.

      As far as the hydramatic goes, if you drive any automatic with
      a "liftfoot upshift", they virtually last forever. Hydramatics dropped
      the rev's a lot between the 2 - 3 upshift, so it is best to lift your
      foot a bit when it is ready to shift.

      If your current 331 is giving you a problem, it would probably be best
      to rebuild it,or, if it is not burning much oil, you may need only a
      valve job. Do a compression test on it to see how much variance you
      have in the cylinders. Low compression caused by leaky valves can
      make them hard starting.


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      > Help........ .
      > I have a 1952 Cadillac Fleetwood with the original 331 CI V8 and
      > Hydramatic that needs to be updated for reliable daily use. Any
      > suggestions on a later model Cadillac engine/tranny that will fit
      > easily, or any info available for small block Chevy/TH350 swaps into
      > the early fifties cars?
      > Thanks,
      > Dave

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