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  • Bill
    Hi Guys, Just dropped in to say hi from the biggest little city. I am down to one car now. I sold the STS and my 83 SDV to a pair of very happy dudes. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2006
      Hi Guys,
      Just dropped in to say hi from the biggest little city. I am down to
      one car now. I sold the STS and my 83 SDV to a pair of very happy
      dudes. I see the 83 every once in a while. I was a little
      concerned that the guy who bought it was going to "PIMP" it, but I
      think he actually appreciates it for what it is, as he says he's
      going to preserve it, in stock appearance...so far so good! The STS
      replaced an older LSC because he wanted a sedan. Believe it or not,
      his LSC had 180k on it and the only giveaway was the seasoned
      leather, so I think that the Carriage found a good stable! Now as
      for my '94, John Cameron Swayze - eat your heart out! I still never
      resolved the my ride control issues, but everything is working, I'm
      just getting the "Service Ride Control" message on almost all
      starts. I have had a good chance to eveluate my exhaust mod and I
      can say that my mileage was adversely affected by no more than 1 mpg
      average City and plus 2-3 mpg Hwy. The performance has greatly
      improved and the exhaust note definately turns heads. The air filter
      swap, from stock to Fram "Air Hog" also made a big difference. I got
      the sequence to run the full digital instrument package from my
      Information Center, from Caddy Daddy (thanks again, Sean) and now I
      can see what kind or RPMs I'm turning. Surprisingly, this 4.9 has
      seen almost 5 grand!

      I am pleased to report that, mostly due to the exhaust note from the
      Series 80 Flowmaster, I have been picked out a couple of times by
      some interesting vehicles. One was a Hemi Magnum that paced me for
      several lights. When we finally went we were cruising at about 20,
      both cars were even upto about 65 where he slightly pulled me about a
      carlegnth til we made 75 where I backed out. I never took it out
      of "D", and never went past 4700 rpm! I never thought that the 4.9
      had "THAT" kind of juice! I have a computer loop/cutout switch that
      claims I should get a 10-15% horsepower gain during moderate to full
      throttle applications. I have had it for some time, but have not yet
      installed it, and the jury is still out, it would be nice if they
      were right, though...

      Just had my cruise control quit and not quite sure why yet. The
      cluster shows it engaged but it's not engaging, any ideas? I
      actually got the speedo up to 115, one nice day. That seemed to be
      about all she was good for top end. I have been toying with the idea
      of going for the 4.5 Allante throttle body and intake swap, hoping I
      might wake it up even more. So far I am pretty pleased with this,
      the "Hot Rod" of my second childhood! I have also wondered about
      running a small supercharger with no more than 10 lbs. of boost.
      Geez! If I don't look out, I might actually get 350 horse out of
      her!! Just think... '94 Caddy OHV trumps...Hmmmm! Could be fun!

      Keep the rubber side down...

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