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  • theoldsarge2002
    ... I wouild agree, however. There is always a however. LOL My donor vehicle has the 3-speed. Brake lines rusted thru (MI car), runs great, $100. ...
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 1, 2002
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      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@y..., "cody_g_carson" <uplink2jesus@h...> wrote:
      > Keep in mind the TH325-4L made from '82 through '85 is also an
      > option. <snip>
      <><><> I wouild agree, however. There is always a however. LOL My donor vehicle has the 3-speed. Brake lines rusted thru (MI car), runs great, $100.

      > For your front diff, in the Eldorado, '79 and '80 models used 2.19:1
      > ratios, in '82-'85 a 3.15:1 ratio was used in gas models and a 2.93:1
      > ratio was used in Diesels. All are interchaingable.
      <><><> As you say interchangable, and I am informed my has 2.41:1. I thinking a 2.93:1 or 3.15:1 after I get it on the road and sorted out.

      Traction will not be a problem in the light car since the engine & trans (together about 900 pounds) sit directly over the wheels. <snip>
      <><><> Supposedly the Olds weight 560, with accessories. But the best weight I have gotten on a TH-325 is "about" 300 lbs, or, two-thirds the weight of a TH-425, which is supposed to weigh 400 lbs.

      I ran some numbers using a tire height of 25.6" (275/40ZR 17) (235/55R 16) (205/70R 15) and came up with these
      > figures: The first listing will be third gear on the 325, and the
      > second listing will be 4th gear on the 325-4L: <snip> 4500RPM=150MPH,
      > 4500RPM=162MPH <snip>
      <><><> I had already ran figures based on 2.41:1 and 27.1" and 25.4" tires. I will not take the Olds engine over 5,000 RPM. With the 27.1" tires at 4500 and 5000 RPM, I got 150.60 and 167.33 MPH. With the 25.4" tires I got 141.15 and 156.84. All of these speeds are MUCH higher than I care to go on a highway. With 25.4" and 2.93:1 I got 115.64 and 128.49 MPH. With 3.15:1 it comes out 107.99 and 119.99 MPH. I think either of these ratios would give me more satisfaction on the street. Especially when one of those irritating Hondas, with the coffee can exhaust, and LOUDd stereo, pull up beside me. LOL

      > PS. I calculated the 325's RPMs based on a 4% trans slip rate. <snip>
      <><><> It has been so long ago I calculated those RPMs (different calculator than you gave, but probably same results), I forget the slip rate, but believe it was 5%.

      I would like to get a better idea of what you are building, and would like a pic of it in the phot section.(page two of the photo albums has an album for
      > unfinished projects if you have one or two pics, or you can make your
      > own album if you have a lot of pics)
      <><><> The plans is, this to go into the back of a '70 VW Beelte. Don't have photos yet, but plan on pics all thru the project. Just have the VW and donor. Gathering info and a few parts just now. Plan on a start as soon as I can shake $100 or so loose.

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