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  • floridafirebolt
    Hello group, My name is Clayton and I live in sunny Naples, Florida, and I ve got a 1979 CoupeDeVille, Silver over Black color with factory sun-roof, 8-
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2005
      Hello group,
      My name is Clayton and I live in sunny Naples, Florida, and I've got
      a 1979 CoupeDeVille, Silver over Black color with factory sun-roof, 8-
      track/CB, auto dimming headlights, and everything they had to offer
      that year. Underhood, it is as it was in '79 save for a few changes
      of the V-belts, battery, plug wires, plugs, hoses, cap, rotor, and
      alternator. Transmission fluid was changed a couple of years ago.
      Every inch of the origional vacume stuff is intact as it was when
      it left the assembly line.....save for a piece of duct tape that has
      been used to repair a leaking vacume line. Carbureator has had the
      vacume thingys replaced for the choke, and has never been apart to my
      knowledge. Power seats dont go back and forth anymore. A/C, blows
      the fuses because the fan motor is shot and draws too much juice.
      The freon leaked out a few years back, and I havent bothered to juice
      it up, or replace the fan motor. The electric windows do go up and
      down as they always have. Carpeting isnt worn out, but is dirty in
      spots, and driver's seat is torn.... Cruise control still works.
      Radiator still has a nice pleasant green colored antifreeze. Brake
      shoes and pads, recently replaced....origional flex lines beginning
      to crack....master cylnder failed and was replaced with rebuilt about
      six months ago. Tailfin plastic has been replaced. Car has usual
      dents and dings for its age, and some Florida rust... they rust out
      from the top down here, so its got some dammage around the windshield
      roof posts, quarter panels, and lower doors. She is equipped with
      the limited slip rear, and the clutches get a little sticky now and
      then, and it has made the same funny noise in corners for twenty six
      years. I oughtta know, it was my Mom's car, and I've pretty much
      been the mechanic since '82. She still purrs like a kitty, and in
      the glovebox, there's the origional window sticker, and owner's
      manual. I've got all four origional hubcaps, plus four more from
      a '76 and an extra rim with a shot tire. Car has its origional
      jack, hubcap key, and space saver tire. The CO2 cannister is there,
      but needs a hydrotest and refill. I used it a couple of years ago,
      and never got it refilled. It has a trailer hitch that my dad used
      twice. I've never used it to pull anything. Odometer says
      something like 118,000 miles, but for some reason the odometer quit
      working for a few years...so I'd guess that it has something like
      140,000 miles on it. Doors still shut properly, electric trunk
      thingy still works, but four months ago, a relative used the key to
      open the trunk instead of the yellow button and the emblem-key cover
      broke...thank you very much... that's why Ma always said to use the
      yellow button in the glovebox. No.. it doesnt smoke.... Yeah, it
      has the origional floor mats too, including the rubber one in the

      Unfortunately, my wife doesnt like the Caddy. Says it is too old,
      and smells stale inside, and doesnt have airconditioning. My
      brother doesnt want it.

      Now.. I ask...

      Is there anyone out there who would be interested in purchasing such
      a car? I'm not asking alot, $1,500. No, I'm not going to dicker
      on the price, but I'd be happy to send photos to anyone who is
      seriously interested. Another thing.....the ash-trays have NEVER
      seen a butt.

      If ya live somewheres far away... the Ft. Myers, Florida, airport
      isnt far away....

      So......if ya ever wanted one of these cars... let me know please.

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