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Re: Removing badges

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  • Paul Angel
    ... all of my ... all ... carfefully ... need front ... ************** Depends mostly on the year of the car. The older ones such as a 68 usually have nuts on
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 17, 2005
      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, "Jeremy
      Stevens" <jcopp24@h...> wrote:
      > In trying to save money towards a paint job I would like to remove
      all of my
      > chrome badges trunk lid, rear fenders, front grill ect... are these
      > screwed in? any tips in removing the badges... besides the very
      > tactic?
      > Are there any catalogs available for parts for a 1968 cadillac? I
      need front
      > fenders bad...
      Depends mostly on the year of the car. The older ones such as a '68
      usually have nuts on the back of moldings & emblems. Some of the ones
      that have no access to the back of the panel will have clip-ons. With
      the clip-ons, you usually have to pull down a little on the molding
      while prying out with a screwdriver - all very carefully. Obviously
      with the nuts you have to pull the inner fenders & such to access
      those. Grilles & such will be bolted on - should be easy enough to
      ~ Paul
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      > >It's GM's version of electronic ignition. No points,
      > >no wear, no hassles.
      > >
      > >The standard point system uses a resistor wire
      > >that drops the voltage to about 6 volts when it
      > >gets to the coil and distributor, so you can't
      > >use that wire to power HEI. But you can run a
      > >standard wire to the HEI distributor to give it
      > >the 12 volts it needs to function.
      > >
      > >Once you've got that done, you're in business.
      > >Just make sure that the 12 volts goes off when
      > >you turn the key off, or the engine wont die.
      > >
      > >Preston III
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      > >--- "Tony D. Cato" <deacon_cato@y...> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Im a beginner. What is HEI? How does it compare to a cap and
      > > > What are the pros and cons? I am all ears. Thanks
      > >
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