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Being chased by a a CTC @ the sub-conscious level....

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  • timidflash
    I ve an absolutely odd experience, i would classify it as a manufactured(marketing) coincidence to relate to you folks on the topic of Cadillac cars. I m not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2005
      I've an absolutely odd experience, i would classify it as
      a "manufactured(marketing) coincidence" to relate to you folks on the
      topic of Cadillac cars. I'm not an auto-buff. Was never one. I mainly
      see a vehicle as a mechanical invention that basically gets you from
      pt. A-to-pt. B... and back to A, and nothing else.

      I do know of a friend that holds a position in an auto manufacturer
      co. (Is Cadillac a Chrysler co.??). I've seen alot of cars in my
      lifetime. I've liked a lot of really nice looking cars too as well.
      But this one and its a Black CTC Cadillac roadster has popped up at
      the cover of to of my favorite business magazines that i look at out
      of all the magazines that are on the rack. I checked the back of
      other magazines on rack... nothing! No 'black CTC' color ads. I
      wasn't even aware of such a model until this personal experience.
      Automobiles are very ubiquitous to me. I don't defferentiate that
      much from one to the other except for very, very distinguishing
      characteristics of a car. A CTC would if i saw it on the road be a
      normal four door sedan to me, i wouldn't stop to think about it...
      however a Porshe is different just 1 in particular the 911, but then
      its got to be RED to really stick! If you took this piece of machine
      and time-traveled back to when founding father Hamilton was Treasurer
      i would REALLY want to know what words he would use to DESCRIBE such
      a contraption and it could be more interesting than a word
      like "rivalrous" by the way i couldn't find that particular word in
      my desk dictionary.

      The thing of it is, a week or so later when i went to pick up my 3rd
      business literature but this is not the size of a magazine, it was
      was a little larger... black and white, black and white prints...
      BAM! that same ad! That was just it that was just too close for

      My 5 min. on the couch in the month of April

      My mental faculties are working just fine much better than they've
      have ever been.

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