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Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: Anyone ever put any thought into a RWD 85'eldo?

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  • johnson kevin
    so you re going to 403/425 combo? mpascino_ny wrote: Fitting the engine into the car is a bolt in install. Get all the brackets from a
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 6, 2005
      so you're going to 403/425 combo?

      mpascino_ny <mpascino@...> wrote:

      Fitting the engine into the car is a bolt in install.  Get all the
      brackets from a 368 eldorado or sevile.  The blocks are the same
      externally for the most part.  Once you rip all the garbage out of
      the engine compartment and put the 500 in it will almost look like
      the engine is smaller....  Take my advise though, you will be able to
      ruin transmissions on command if you use the 325-4l.  If you are
      series about doing it, get a 425 trans from an early eldo and put it
      in.  It's a lot of work  but it will be fun right?  I have all the
      parts sitting in the garage, it's just one of those things I"haven't
      got around to"....

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, "kp5002002"
      <kp5002002@y...> wrote:
      > do you have a big block in your car?...I am thinking of installing
      > 500 into a 1985 eldorado...i have a 500 from a 1975 model fleetwood
      > ...i have installed an mt10 cam...i expect 350-380hp and about
      > of torque depending on if i can use the edelbrock intake that i
      > ..i have heard that it is a tight fit.
      > --- In
      > Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, "mpascino_ny"
      > <mpascino@a...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I have always gotten a kick out of the FWD torque monster, but I
      > keep
      > > asking myself if a RWD eldo is feasible.  I have toasted 8 or so
      > 325-
      > > 3254l transmissions over the last 4 years.  I really want to keep
      > the
      > > car daily drivable.  Often I find it is at the point where the
      > power
      > > can't get planted down to the ground.  Even if I shoe-horned a
      > TH425
      > > between the frame rails I wouldn't be too much better off, and I
      > > would loose the OD on long trips. Anyone have any input?  I want
      > to
      > > stick with the eldo, mostly because most people do not suspect
      > much
      > > from them,heh.....

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