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contact & non Cad related (Movie investment op and my other yahoo groups)

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  • Cody G. Carson
    If anyone wants to contact me. email me directly at uplink2jesus@hotmail.com I am going into production of a movie, and can t check my club posts as much any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2004
      If anyone wants to contact me. email me directly at
      uplink2jesus@... I am going into production of a movie, and
      can't check my club posts as much any more--- not to mention that I
      own or moderate eleven other clubs too, ha ha. They are listed at the
      bottom of this post. I'm spamming my own club! Yikes! And I hate
      spam! Seroiusly, some of these clubs are new and need help getting
      started. Some are older, but were never really promoted. Hey, I don't
      like spam in this club-so it won't become a habit. But while I'm
      comiting the "no no" of spamming, I wanted to put in a plug for my
      movie "Culture Wars." It is a low budget Christian film, and I may
      have just lost one investor ( I don't know I have not heard from him
      in a few weeks- he may just be out of town) But anyway, I roll
      cameras in August. My goal budget was $60,000. I will roll cameras
      even if I only have $10,000. I may need more investors if I lost this
      guy. I would not take his money until I was ready to film, and he
      waited for just over a year while I went through two temporary day
      jobs (working 12-14 hours per day--and was writing a script. I now
      have a story that I am happy with and have been writing it this
      month. I have to put my production company back together and get
      ready to shoot soon. My goal is to have this one available on DVD
      before the election in November. I had been geared up for bigger
      budget films on 35MM, but this is going to be shot in commercial
      grade video or HDTV. I'm selling investment units for this film at
      $1500 each. (My bigger film projects had $10,000 investment units,
      and one had a $950,000 target budget, and the other had a $5 Million
      dollar target, so $50,000 for this project is cheapis cheap) If
      anyone wants to contact me for a movie related subject, my company's
      email is candlelightpictures@... If you want to visit my web
      site and find out more: www.geocities.com/codygcarson The "Culture
      Wars" film is not listed on the site because I have been writing the
      script in my spare time.
      My other clubs are listed below. Again, sorry about spamming my own

      Movie related:
      http//:groups.yahoo.com/group/OfficialMistyFanClub (I built it, but
      don't moderate any more)


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