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ALERT Re: Transporting your auto

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  • Dan
    Hi all, This is a long story, but an important alert if you re going to be transporting an auto. Plus, there s also a recommendation in the last paragraph for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2004
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      Hi all,

      This is a long story, but an important alert if you're going to be
      transporting an auto. Plus, there's also a recommendation in the
      last paragraph for the company I am now using, which has thus far
      provided astoundingly good and pleasant service.

      I wanted to give you all a heads up on a very bad experience I've had
      with A-AAAdvantage Auto Transport (800-233-4875). THIS IS AN ALERT
      TO ALL NEVER TO USE THEM! Despite that I did plenty of research and
      checked their BBB record, I got burned, and have now learned from
      other transport companies that this is typical of their service
      ethic. I also found out that a site I looked at which rates
      transport companies has some affiliation with AAAdvantage, which is
      why they are rated so high on the site.

      I hired them over 3 weeks ago to transport my car using a covered
      transport. They initially said it would take 2 days to dispatch a
      truck to transport my car. Then it was 7 days. Then it was 10 days,
      etc. Every time I called for a status--about 10 times over 3 weeks--
      they told me a truck would be dispatched "any minute" and to call
      back "in a couple days" for a delivery date. A week ago, on their
      online tracking system, they entered 14MAY as a pick-up date, with a
      delivery date of 24MAY.

      Finally, on Tuesday 19MAY, I called and demanded to know what was
      going on since they hadn't picked up the car yet, and found out that
      not only had they not picked up the car, but that they had no plans
      to! I spoke with the General Manager, Jim Sprotte, who said that the
      guy who quoted me the price had under bid the job, and they couldn't
      find anyone to take the car for that price and therefore probably
      couldn't transport the car. First, I advised Jim that his price was
      in line with several others I'd gotten; second, that as a
      professional, he shouldn't have told me that, and should have eaten
      the difference if that be the case, and provided the service I
      contracted for to avoid bad blood and bad publicity; and third, that
      they should have updated me on what the problem was rather than
      stringing me along. After 3 weeks of patience and being reasonable,
      his comments finally caused me to blow my top. Yesterday, he called
      and said he found someone who could "probably" pick up the car the
      first week of June, if I was lucky. Of course I told him that was
      not acceptable. He said he would try to find someone to pick up the
      car sooner and would call me back ASAP. He never called, and I
      learned that he left yesterday for a week-long fishing trip. I
      cancelled the order. Now they won't return my calls or emails
      regarding a refund, and I've alerted my credit card company.

      Tonight when I spoke with the gal who sold me the car, I learned that
      a driver DID make arrangements with her to pick up the car this past
      Monday, but stood her up after she'd changed her plans to be
      available for the day. The driver finally called her and told her
      that he couldn't pick up the car because it turned out his truck was
      full, and to make future arrangements directly with AAAdvantage.
      I've now learned that AAAdvantage has a bad reputation among
      suppliers for stiffing them, so many drivers won't work for them
      unless they get their money up front. Maybe that's what happened
      here. Meantime, AAAdvantage never told me about the seller getting
      stood up by the driver or that they'd even FOUND a driver. I also
      heard from a member of my PontiacBigGuns group who said this company
      damaged the front end of his car during transport.

      I called several other companies yesterday, none of whom were able to
      pick up the car in a timely manner, or said they'd get back to me and
      never did. Then, last night I called a family-run company which
      brokers these transports, and was instantly struck by how concerned
      and decent sounding Frank was, compared to those at other companies
      I'd spoken with. He literally jumped right to it and first thing
      this morning called to tell me one of his regular suppliers could
      pick up my car within a day or two! In minutes, the whole
      transaction was confirmed by his wife, Susan, who is nice as could be
      and rushed to get me emailed confirmation in record time, and the car
      is being picked up tomorrow. These people are not only professional,
      but seem genuinely concerned and decent, and have a phenomenal work
      ethic you don't often see. It's a family-run company called Trusted
      Auto Movers, http://www.trustedauto.com/, 866-822-8752. I also
      called the supplier to confirm that they're aware of the time-
      sensitivity of the situation, and again dealt with a guy who was
      nothing but professional and helpful. I'll give you all an update
      when the car arrives, but I feel good about dealing with these people.

      So the moral is...let the buyer beware...

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