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Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: 85 Eldo transplant???

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  • Vincenzo DAndraia
    thanks for the correction. I should have said reviving from the dead . It sat outside for 10 years so you can imagine what it looked like. with the
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 18, 2004
      thanks for the correction.  I should have said "reviving from the dead".  It sat outside for 10 years so you can imagine what it looked like.  with the exception of the exterior crome that I dont think is obtainable anymore, the body and interior have been done.  i might wind up doing the 79 eldo thing, i was just looking for alternatives.  I like the 403 idea.  were they computerized back then???  My parents bought this car new in 85 and as a stupid kid I destroyed it.  Has a lot of sentimental value to me.  I want to keep it stock looking everywhere but under the hood.  thanks for your reply.

      Joe Foerster <joefoerster@...> wrote:
      To be technically correct, if you are "Restoring" the car, you are making it
      like it was when it came from teh factory. Engine and all. Since the
      convertibles were very limited in production, this might be a better way to
      go. But having owned an '84 Eldo with teh HT4100, I can appreciate the need
      for more power.

      If you really want to Kustomize the engine in this car, you might look
      around for a '79 parts Eldo. They had FI Olds 350 which is nice or can be
      drop-in replaced with a 403.

      Joe Foerster
      North Hollywood, CA

      >   From: "vincenzodandraia" <vincenzodandraia@...>
      >Subject: 85 Eldo transplant???
      >So I have an 85 Eldo convertible that I am restoring.  As you
      >probably know, the 4.1 is a dog.  I want to put some more power under
      >the hood but I am not sure of what the best ( and easiest ) motor
      >choice would be.  I though of a 5.7 TPI, or a Northstar 4.9, or a 500
      >caddy........ blah, blah, blah.  Cody put a 472 in his and basically
      >typed me out a term paper on how he did it.  ( thanks man!!! ) Anyone
      >ever tried this before???  What did you put in???  Any info would be
      >appreciated.  Thanks.

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