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Back online finally -quick hello and a question or two

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  • Cody G. Carson
    hey, its been rough not having internet for the past few months (isn t that a sign of the times! I ve had friends check my email from time to time, but that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2004
      hey, its been rough not having internet for the past few months (isn't that a sign of the times! I've had friends check my email from time to time, but that has been unreliable at best. I heard Cadman88 emailed me months ago, but I couldn't do anything about it. How's the 70 Eldo coming Cadman? I also heard that spammers have hit my clubs pretty hard with porn. Do I need to limit the messages to be approved first and assign more moderators to help manage? Any volunteers? I think my moderators so far have done a fine job, but I don't want to dump a heavy work load of message approval on them without adding helpers. I cannot spend enough time online to do it, and ca't even read all of the messages here due to my schedule. I'll leave it up to you all to vote-but please do not post a message with your opinion- I still want the messages limited as much as possible to Caddy related data. Email me directly at uplink2jesus@... if you have a strong opinion about the delay caused by waiting for a moderator to approve a message before it posts. Next order of business: Someone emailed me asking if I still have the 16 X 8" chrome Trans Am wheels for sale that will fit the 79-85 Eldo/Seville. I lost the email address before I could respond. The answer is that I sold that set, but I have located another set just like them and can get them for the same price. I also have a set of silver painted 98 Trans Am wheels. If you are that person or know that person, please contact me. Next: Does anyone have a 670 CFM throttle body fuel injection from an 87-92 454 Chevy truck? How about a 70 Eldo parts car? I need 70 taillights, mirrors, tranny cooling lines, and a radiator. Also a windshield with the antenna in the glass. (A falling oak tree limb smashed the front glass, bent the windshield pillar, dinted the hood, busted the dash, ripped off the mirror-then somersaulted over to my 82 and landed on it as it dented its windshield pillar, put a new crack in its windshield, then bounced on the hood cracking the plastic hood scoops and messing up the paint-It was NOT a good place to park the cars.) Can anyone say frustrating? Its not like I'm made of money or anything... Oh well, at least I won't get bored this summer.... And I thought I'd have at least one Caddy finished and running so I could move the 500 powered 72 fastback Mustang to my house- I'll dream on for now----- but I would like to get the 70 ready for autocross races in the fall. Anyone want to make me your favorite charity-ha ha ha. See you guys later and keep the good info coming to the group.
      Cody G. Carson

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