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97Re: '70 472 W/TH400 into '70 Malibu?

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  • cody_g_carson
    Aug 12, 2002
      Phil, be sure and visit the MTS message board at
      www.500cid.com/frames.html I feel your question will get quick
      attention there. Most of these posts were at one time on that message
      board and were copied here for archive storage. Your message will be
      seen and answered here by some of the members, but I feel the
      responce will be faster there. Mike Martin has a 70 Chevelle with a
      BB Caddy in it and has been responding well to questions posted about
      that type of application, and has a set of headers for sale that will

      > I was given a '70 S de Ville w/472. What need to be done to
      shoehorn it into a '70 Malibu? Is this an easy swap?
      > Are there mounts etc readily available?
      > Any help gratefully accepted.
      > TIA,
      > Phil
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