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908Re: Factory Horsepower Ratings

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  • Juan Ayon
    Dec 3, 2003
      375hp @ 4400 rpm
      525 ft. lb. @ 3000 rpm
      Standard rear axle came with a 2.93, 3.15 axle ratio on Seventy-Five
      models. Also available was a controlled differential, aka posi-
      To know what rear the car really has, you should look at the tab on
      the differential. It's normally attached to one of the bolts near
      the driveshaft. I can't recall what the codes mean at the moment,
      but I'll look it up if you need them.


      ps.. I also have a 70 Coupe DeVille. You can see pics of it in the
      photo section. 70 caddy's have to be the best looking of all
      caddy's, ever. just my biased opinion. lol
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