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  • bill lutzius
    Nov 25, 2003
      I found noises in the rocker arms.The rocker arm
      mounts can still be found and that seems to be where
      the wear is.They are 5 dollars.If you start it up and
      put your hand on each set of rockers you may find some
      very loose.I changed the lifters,push rods,and still
      had noise.Changed the rocker mounts and no noise.The
      rocker arms are no longer made.One side,left is
      gone.The right side you can find at the dealer or
      --- cad500ci <cad500ci@...> wrote:
      > hi guys:
      > just joined the group. i got this link from the mts
      > board. i am
      > listed on that board as mario. my ride is a 56 gmc
      > 1/2 ton pickup.
      > started it in 1992. finished it in 1998, weekends
      > only. 1970 eldo
      > motor was rebuilt stock except for the eddy intake.
      > homebuilt full
      > length headers. the front end is a jim meyer front,
      > mid 70's
      > chevelle. the rear is a 1985 vette, 3.07:1. in 99 #8
      > piston decided
      > to redesign itself so i had ross make up new 9.5:1.
      > and rebuilt it
      > again. presently i am hearing a weird sound coming
      > from the odd
      > firing bank. some mechanics have said it sounds like
      > a wristpin. i
      > have already changed the lifters and installed a
      > custom shaft from
      > al. but to no avail. the oil pressure is 50 lbs on
      > startup then
      > settles down to 35-40 at idle. the engine pulls good
      > vacuum with no
      > needle fluctuation. it rises steadily on
      > acceleration and drops on
      > deceleration. this month will tell the tale as i
      > will be pulling it
      > to look inside.
      > ciao,
      > mario

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