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803New Guy With 84 Eldorado Baritz Want's to do a BIG BLOCK SWAP!

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  • linyartist
    Oct 30, 2003
      Hi, I have an 84 Eldorado Baritz(The small eldarado). I't has a 4.1
      liter v8 tbi. I was wondering if I can drop a big block in it like a
      500 and keep the tbi using the intake, throttle body,and cpu off
      another caddy with the 368 engine? I think the 368, 425, and 500 are
      basically the same block with different bore and stroke. And I know
      there was an 79 and 80 eldorado with a 368 and a throttle body. So
      If i want to do a big block swap why stop at 368 when I can have a
      500??!!! lol. I'm new to caddy, I have been into chevy's and have a
      worked up malibu and k5 balzer. But it's not as easy to find info on
      caddy like it is for chevy. I would allso apreate if somebody can
      send me some links to website or anything on working up this car.
      Thanks, Keith
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