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  • Greg
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Hi All: I just purchased a 1939 Plymouth 4 door (suicide rears) with
      a 3" top chop. It's sitting on a 70 buick chassis & rear end with a
      camaro front clip. I plan on dropping the 472 from my 71 M&M hearse
      into it. The hearse has been fun, but is a little too much car for my
      wife to drive (22' blind spot & a terror to park.) Anyone done a swap
      similar to this, and where might I look for some mild hop-up parts.
      I've already got a set of sanderson block hugger headers, but might
      want to go with an aluminum intake and Holley carb as well as a
      little more cam. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
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