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71Re: Uploaded pix of my 1970 Eldorado

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  • sigvaldsen88
    Aug 2, 2002
      Whats up Joe,

      I am looking mainly for a pro-street setup, in other words something
      thunderous to tool around town with and occassionally embarass some
      rice-burner japcraps at the traffic lights. I likely would also stop
      down at the local track to get some 1/4 mile times.
      The car weighs 4630lbs, i am overextnding myself of this project way
      over what i expected to pay, but i do want it done right, won't have
      that extra few bucks to do the stroker thing, but this performance
      package should be plenty good!

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@y..., "tremorj10"
      <JOEOILER@A...> wrote:
      > Sig,
      > Very nice Eldo; wish I had it!
      > What will the car be used for? I have a few ideas for the engine
      > they really depend on what you want the car to do.
      > You' might want to think about the rods. Either massaged Caddy
      > Olds or aftermarket.
      > Sounds like you are are on your way to a $4,500 engine. If you are
      > already thinking about high-dollar pistons and maybe some money
      > up in the rods, you might want to consider a stroker; you're alredy
      > 2/3 of the way there.
      > If you let us know more about the car's intended use, maybe we can
      > come up with some interesting ideas. Also, do you know how much
      > car weighs?
      > Joe
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