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705Need some help 'buffing up' my Brougham...

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  • Chuck
    Sep 3, 2003
      I have an '89 Brougham that I'd like to keep. In order to do so, I'd
      like to make some mods, but need to hear from someone out there who
      might have done some of the things I'd like to-for instance (BTW,
      pls keep in mind I cannot do much of the work myself, and must
      therefore pay to have this done):

      1. I'd like to go to a 14" to 14.5" Trans-Am type steering wheel,
      but with the tilt/telescoping column, I understand this may be
      impossible. Can someone tell me what, if anything I can do here? Did
      Caddy make a wheel that will fit? Paying as much for an 'adapter
      kit' for an aftermarket wheel as for the wheel itself kinda, well,

      2. The car has the standard Olds 307 in it; I'd LIKE to have a 350
      put in, as it was the optional engine. Will my current (stock 4-spd
      auto) tranny work with it? Which 350s would be a straight bolt-in?
      ALSO, AND VERY IMPORTANTLY,I'd like to go with a 350 with fuel
      injection. Any ideas here???

      3. IF the 350 doesn't pan out, has anyone worked on the 307 to get
      more oomph out of it? Things like decking/porting & polishing the
      heads, new intake, etc...not TOO radical, however.

      4. Does anyone make disc brake conversions for the Brougham's rear
      drums? Can I 'cannibalize' the discs off of another Caddy and swap
      them for the drums, or is this WAY too much work?

      5. Has anyone put urethane bushings (or made other suspension mods)
      under their similar Caddy to enhance handling...and I DON'T mean air
      ride or suchlike...I want the stock ride height maintained.


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