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67Engine redo

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  • chmorehead@aol.com
    Aug 2, 2002
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      Dear Sig: Sounds like a great project. I respectfully disagree on your header thoughts. Al can tell you which headers are the closest and you should make a set for this fire dragon. I agree with Joe that you should stroke since your buying all new internals anyway. The bore job sounds great---these side walls are so thick that it really doesnt matter.....as many skeptics have heard me say before, I ran a .125 over bore for years and never had a problem. May I ask what oil pump and water pump upgrades you are using?  Also, are you plumbing hoses from the grill to a ram air box? Thats the best way to get cool air to your beast---open boxes under the hood lead to heat in the airstream and can be self defeating at low speeds particularly. Be sure and insulate the fuel lines as well. Are you using a single plane 425 intake or porting the original?   Good luck, Charles
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