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66Re: Uploaded pix of my 1970 Eldorado

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  • tremorj10
    Aug 1, 2002
      Very nice Eldo; wish I had it!

      What will the car be used for? I have a few ideas for the engine but
      they really depend on what you want the car to do.

      You' might want to think about the rods. Either massaged Caddy rods,
      Olds or aftermarket.
      Sounds like you are are on your way to a $4,500 engine. If you are
      already thinking about high-dollar pistons and maybe some money tied
      up in the rods, you might want to consider a stroker; you're alredy
      2/3 of the way there.

      If you let us know more about the car's intended use, maybe we can
      come up with some interesting ideas. Also, do you know how much the
      car weighs?

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