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658500 interchange and durability

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  • timiacobucci
    Aug 4, 2003
      Hi everybody, my name is Tim Iacobucci and this is my first post on
      this board. I haven't been interested in the big cad engines for all
      that long and I wish I knew about them sooner as I really like to
      research things thoroughly and I have a good knowledge base on every
      engine I've worked on so far but this one. 460 being my first
      love, sorry to and ford haters out there but I figure the ford vs.
      chevy thing doesn't really extend to Cadillac and there are
      probably a good amount of you here that enjoy romping bbc's as
      much as the 460 crew with our "boat anchors". I haven't
      had to long to comb the archives here but I can see there are
      definitely people here with the 500 knowledge I'm looking for.

      First I guess I should describe my project. I'm setting up 500
      with 2 grand national tubros carbed to put in an 85 monte carlo.
      From other message boards I've read a stock 500 makes a g car go
      11's, which I can believe if the torque numbers I hear about are
      realistic. I've heard older closed chamber pre emissions headed
      500's were rated at 550 ft. lbs., how true have you all found
      this to be? I ask because it leads into my next question which is
      durability which I directly relate to torque production (within
      stock rev range). I plan to keep it under 5 grand as I hear that is
      a good practical limit to keep these engines comfortable but how
      much torque production do you think this engine can tolerate before
      it begins breaking stuff. I plan to upgrade head and main studs and
      will go with somebody's forged rods if there are no cheaper
      strength interchange rods from another engine? I also plan to o-ring
      the block and weld up some sort of custom steel girdle/side bolt
      device and accommodating pan. I want to use as much boost as I can
      make without destroying the engine, what are the practical limits of
      the stock engine, and what levels do you think are possible after
      correcting any weak points? I was told that the rods/rods bolts
      would be the first to snap under big torque. If this is corrected
      and if I can control cap walk how much abuse do you believe the
      stock crank can endure? Are there any other cranks in between stock
      and full out custom billet? How strong are the mains and what kind
      of meat is there for like maybe splayed 4th additions? Has anyone
      ever blown a cyl wall? I plan to keep the overbore as small as
      possible for cyl wall strength, I've heard these blocks can be
      very hard and have very good wear characteristics, is there a chance
      of cleaning up and using stock bore? Would some hardblock help at
      all, I don't want to do too much as I want to drive it on the
      street and would like to keep as much water as I can.

      My next big question is interchange. I plan on probably using a new
      venture probably 4500 but depending on the durability of the engine
      just possibly a 5600. Does anyone even know a source for these, 360
      lbs. is harsh but not intolerable if it can endure massive torque
      loads that would makeup for its weight. So how can I attach this
      trans, what flywheels/ clutches will work with this engine? Does it
      share any other gm bellhousing like maybe an olds and if I were to
      go auto with a th400 is the stock behind a 500 that's rwd a good
      core to build on, and what cars have these and which are 425? Are
      these any different from other 400's and do any other flexplates
      or starters interchange? Are some blocks better than others if I can
      get pre 73 heads elsewhere or is there a way to check for a good
      block other than opening it up? How much does mileage generally
      affect these engines, should I look for a high mile seasoned block
      or a low wear low mileage one? What other parts if any interchange
      with any other gm engines? And rods or pistons, I know no
      crankshafts interchange but are there any year or type cranks that
      are know to be stronger? Any other little bits or parts, fuel pump,
      oil pump/filter, water pump or accessories/brackets?

      I know that's a whole lot of questions but I'm real eager for
      info, I plan to get the MTS book, any other recommended caddy
      reading? Any and all answers, opinions or speculation is very
      appreciated and I am very thankful for any helpful info/experience
      you may share.
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