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65Uploaded pix of my 1970 Eldorado

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  • sigvaldsen88
    Aug 1, 2002
      Check the photo album, as you can see the body is is very good
      condition with no rot!.

      I just pulled the engine and am having some modifications done, check
      out my modification list and let me know any suggestions on the
      project. I will upload more pix as the project progresses.

      1) I am reboring the cylinders .60 over which will make it a 518 CID
      i believe (I need to bore because of ridges on all the cylinders or
      else i would have chosen against it)

      2) I am buying 10.5 compression forged pistons, rods, and molly rings

      3) I am having my 76cc heads machined to pro-street specs and fitted
      with oversized valves.

      4) I am having stage II rockers with special pushrods

      5) I am having the intake manifold ported and polished to the best
      specs possible (As i cant slap an Edelbrook manifold without chopping
      the hood which i refuse to do!)

      6} I am keeping the quadra-jet carb and had it jetted and rebuilt to
      meet the requirments of the cam

      7) I am putting in a fairly beefy cam, a 300T s/s from Cadcompany

      8) I am also putting true dual 2 1/2" exhausts with flowmasters, i am
      keeping the original exhaust manifolds because there are no headers
      available for eldorados

      9)I am upgrading the system to HEI system

      10) I chopped out and did away with the A/C unit

      11) I am adding a ram-air box on the top of the carburetor to force
      some cool air in when im driving which kicks a little bit of power as

      12) I am upgrading the oil & water pumps and adding gauges to the
      dashboard, chrome breathers and valve covers, all new gaskets, etc
      etc etc.

      Let me know what you think!!
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