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491Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: 1970 DeVille header and exhaust question

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  • bill lutzius
    Apr 23, 2003
      The cross member that supports the transmission has a
      bend on the driver side so the exhaust pipe can pass
      by.What my muffer guy did was remove the cross member
      and cut out a part of the pass side and welded a cross
      section of 6 inch channel steel.So now it has room for
      a exhaust pipe on the pass side.I left off the
      resonators because the stock ones are pretty big and
      like i said it would not fit on the pass side because
      the gas tank is not centered in the car.I wish i had
      them.There are smaller ones and i would use them.I
      think i get 2 mpg better.Before the car went around
      105 mph ,now it hits 115 mph on the same road.Its
      running cooler i think.So its worth doing.I,d get some
      walker muffers or marymount muffers if i had to do it
      again.I,ll try to send a pic.Good luck cadillac
      --- mroskothen <mroskothen@...> wrote:
      > You have to cut and weld the cross member.The
      > > gas tank is offset so the resonator on the pass
      > side
      > > is a tight fit.Meaning it don,t.There is smaller
      > ones
      > Do you have more details about the cross member? Any
      > pictures?
      > Another poster mentioned a company called 'flash'.
      > Is there a phone
      > number or a website? I checked MTS
      > (http://www.500cid.com/) but I
      > don't know yet whether they fit. I found one person
      > who said that
      > these headers will give you only around 10hp.
      > Markus

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