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467Re: Diesel Cadillacs?

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  • sqtowelie
    Apr 10, 2003
      I had a Cutlass with one of those 5.7 diesels in it, and had
      nothing but problems. It was a beautiful car that I sold for $200 in
      lieu of putting a gas engine in it.

      I wouldn't want any diesel engine that didn't have a
      turbocharger. Without it, you just can't get enough air into them to
      make power. I remember all too well getting tailgated going up hills
      at 30 mph, engine chattering like a rollercoaster going up a track.
      The only good thing about the diesel was that you could blast
      tailgaters with a smokescreen. I used to collect "smoking vehicle
      warnings" that I got in the mail from the MVD.

      -Denise (Densie) McCracken
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