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462[Cadillac_Performance_Association] Diesel Cadillacs?

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  • Scott Pearson
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Just joined your list, cool to see Caddy performance on here.

      For a little background, I've done a few Caddy 472/500 swaps into Chevy
      trucks. I've had several 472/500 powered cars, always liked that engine and
      the cars.

      As far as the 5.7 diesels, they were a bad idea to start with. One of my
      customers has a collection of them, just loves them. If you put the updated
      head gaskets and head bolts in, they seem to last, though.

      I've often thought of swapping in a 94-2000 6.5 turbo diesel into one of
      these cars. Unless you happen to have the 200-4R with universal bolt
      pattern, you'd have to swap the transmission. I've had several 6.5TD's in
      trucks, currently have a 94 Suburban with a slightly modified 6.5TD. Even in
      that 7600lb beast, it moves pretty good (not like a 500 would, though). I'd
      think in a Fleetwood or deVille, that motor would have plenty of power.
      There would be some packaging issues, as the turbo hangs to the passenger
      side quite a bit. Might look into some of the vans, as they put the turbo at
      the rear of the engine.

      If you do think of playing with the diesel in these cars, be sure your use
      of it justifies this engine. If you drive 10 miles or less to work, the
      mileage won't pay for it. If you're doing it just because you think it would
      be cool, that's a different story. I'm sure anyone pulling up beside a
      rattling 82 Cadillac wouldn't expect to hear a turbo spool up!


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      From: Darren D. Wall

      Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 8:09 AM

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      Subject: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Diesel Cadillacs?

      Hello Fellow Cadillac Enthusiasts,

      I think I already know the answer to this, but I'll ask it anyway:
      What does everyone think of the Diesel Cadillacs offered in the early
      80's? I have been a diesel fan for years (Owned diesel Suburban, Truck,
      Audi, VW...) I know the 5.7L diesel had a very bad reputation, does
      the 6.0L offered in some Cadillacs (Fleetwood I believe) suffer the
      same problems?

      What's the reliability of these cars if given the proper updates to
      the engine. At this point I would think most of the engines have been
      rebuilt and been updated with the changes that fixed the reliability

      donning my flame retardant suit...

      Best regards,

      Darren D. Wall
      Using The Bat!, Version 1.62i
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