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4101931 Ford Model A 400 Convertible Sedan Sale

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  • Karl Fisher Rarities (Switzerland)
    Feb 10, 2003
      Dear Friends,

      My name is Prof. Karl Fisher from Fisher Rarities Ltd, located in
      Zermatt, Switzerland. We deal in many areas of antiques, including
      antique cars.

      We have recently purchased a nice antique automobile for our client, but
      he was not able to pay for him due to some his financial problems.

      We would be very interested to sell this really nice item on a discounted

      1931 Ford Model A 400 Convertible Sedan
      The Model A 400 is an extremely rare car; it was only manufactured in the
      year 1931.
      Its patterned after the Victoria which was introduced in 1930. The
      Victoria was a bustle-back 2-door sedan with a padded vinyl roof.
      In the 1931, the stylist decided to make the padded roof go down,
      so they put a retractable roof on the 2-door sedan,
      leaving the door posts and rear window posts intact. So as you look at the
      car, unlike a convertible sedan, this 2-door sedan has a complete door and a top
      and side posts on the windows and the door opening.

      During the Model A model run, which encompassed 4 years, Ford built over
      4 million Model A's. Of the Model A 400, less than 4000 were manufactured.
      Of those 4000, less than 400 remain today. This car is certainly a survivor,
      and a splendid example of one of the most desirable Model A's ever built,
      the Model A 400.

      It is equipped with dual side mounts, it has 6 new Firestone whitewall
      Being a deluxe model, it has cowl lamps, and of course the famous aoogah
      It also has a stone shield, quail radiator cap, dual door-mounted
      rear-view mirrors, dual tail lamps, a luggage rack in the rear, 4/1 piece bumper
      in the rear,
      since the dual side mounts are located in the fenders there's no need for
      the split rear bumper as most Model A's had. It sports genuine leather seats,
      when the car was first manufactured it used genuine leather seats.

      The car was originally sold new in the state of Arizona. It went to a
      collector in Colorado who gave it a complete frame-off restoration. From there,
      it went to a collector in Berlin, Germany and from there to
      Switzerland, where some improvements were made on it:
      Installed 5 seat belts and vintage-type turn signals that work uniquely - you
      turn them on and set them in a position to indicate either left or right turn.
      After you
      complete the turn you flip the arm one time and the turn signal cancels.

      In July 2002, this car was sold to our company and we are ready to sell it
      JUST for USD 29'100 with a FREE INSURED DELIVERY from Zermatt,
      Switzerland to the USA.

      We will be able to mail you 20 pictures of the car to you.

      Look forward for your answer,

      Sincerely yours,

      Prof. Karl Fisher
      Fisher's Rarities Ltd.
      Bahnhofstrasse, 58
      Zermatt, Switzerland
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