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361Re: Was: A ? For The Ole Timers.... Now: EFI

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  • j6gunz <j6gunz@yahoo.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      > The best way to do what you are considering is to buy
      > a complete car (cadi) and remove everything you need
      > for the swap.

      Already have EFI donor

      > I'm still trying to figure out how "economy" figures
      > in any equation involving 500 cubic inches.

      I know the word "economy" seems funny when talking about these
      engines. I should probably say "efficiancy" instead. In my 4X4
      application I wont have a gas station nearby all the time. This is
      also one of the reasons I would like to pursue the EFI option.

      I called Al a while back, but must have caught him at a busy time. He
      didn't seem to want to discuss my project at the time. I'm not ready
      to buy parts yet. When I am. I'll try him again.

      Thank you
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